7 Signs You Need a Family Car

It is likely that, in a few years, your family has grown. You are still going out together in the exact vehicle that you used to go to university, but, although this means a lot to you and solves your current travel needs, indeed you have faced situations that, without a doubt, are nothing more than an indication that you should urgently change to a family car.

7 Signs You Need a Family Car

You require more comfort and space.

The bigger your family, the bigger the purchases in the supermarket or the luggage to go on a trip. And now, instead of throwing everything in the back seat, as you did in your single days, you will have to use the trunk. So, the recommended family car must be comfortable and have a trunk with space proportional to the number of people it carries.

Connectivity is essential

You think more than ever about saving.

Imagine that you take the children to school, and the traffic forces you to take a route that you do not know. At the same time, your boss communicates on WhatsApp and asks you for something important. To locate the address in the GPS and listen to the voice note, you had to park, but if you had had a family car of those that incorporate Bluetooth connectivity, you solve everything without having to stop. For example, the Jac Grand S3 SUV has a multifunction steering wheel, built-in Bluetooth and audio streaming technology, USB inputs, and even an onboard computer, helping you solve your connectivity needs.

Maybe, thinking about your well-being and that of yours, you try to save money whenever you can, but when you spend the day cutting expenses, it is because your tribe has grown, and you need to increase your income. There are modern vehicles, ideal for large families, with smaller engines and less gasoline, which would help you ease your financial burden. With an urban consumption of 23.7 Km / L, the Renault CAPTUR stands out for its incredible performance, so that it can be an excellent option for you.

You move by car more frequently.

Family life involves moving around the city: shopping, doctors, birthday parties, visits to parks and shopping centers and even traveling long distances to see relatives, and the best way to do it is by car, but, Does the one you have given for all that? The versatility offered by family travel cars adapts to any of these situations and even more.

You are more aware of safety.

In addition to you and your partner, there are the children, which means that, when driving, you have more precautions, although that goes beyond seat belts. Today’s family-friendly cars include traction control, antilock brakes, and airbags for the driver and passengers, as well as on the sides. Others have anchor points for baby seats and rearview cameras with proximity alerts.

You must carry more passengers than you expected

Hasn’t it happened to you that you plan to go somewhere with your partner and your children and, suddenly, when you start the car, the mother-in-law, a cousin or the brothers-in-law appear, and in the end, they all go for a walk, although quite tight? Do not be confused; that happens when the family is significant; it also confirms that it is better than about space and not missing. The recommended family car, in those cases, may be a minivan.

You need more than a simple transfer.

Although many people think that accessories in cars are a luxury, the reality is that they are instrumental for you, who have a large family. Family cars that incorporate mini LCD screens, for example, help children to be distracted by watching movies or videos while they drive. Not to mention what it could mean to have pockets to store and organize things better, a USB port, and rear cup holders. 

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