Difference Between 8n and 9n Ford Tractor

The 8n and 9n Ford tractors are very sturdy machines that are still popular choices despite being quite old. Although you may not think so, the 9n is actually the oldest model built around 1939, while the 8n began production 8 years later in 1947. This is the main difference between the Ford 8n and 9n tractors; And as expected, the 8n has a number of improvements that make it better than the 9n.

One such improvement comes in horsepower. 8n tractor engines are generally slightly more powerful than 9n tractors. Apart from the engine, there are also several changes in the design of the 8n tractors. For starters, 8n tractors have a four-speed transmission, while 9n order tractors have a three-speed transmission. This allows you to control your speed and power a little more.

One way you can easily tell between Ford 8n and 9n tractors is if it has foot pegs. Older 9n tractors had running boards, while 8n tractors had running boards where you can put your feet. It goes without saying that running boards are a bit more comfortable than foot pegs. You can also distinguish between Ford 8n and 9n tractors by positioning the brake pedal. The 9n has the two brake pedals on opposite sides, so you have one brake pedal near your right foot and one near your left foot. On the other hand, the 8n has both brake pedals on the right side. At first glance, the 9n’s design seems to make more sense than the 8n’s. But when you consider that the clutch pedal is also on the left side, the 8n’s design is much better; Because operating the left clutch and brake can be quite difficult.

The 8n and 9n Ford tractors are very reliable machines and you can still find plenty of replacement parts despite being over half a century old. But overall, the 8n is the better choice when considering between the two.


The 9n is actually older and cruder than the 8n tractor.

The 8n has a little more power than the 9n

The 9n has a three speed transmission while the 8n has a four speed transmission

The 9n had footpegs, while the 8n had running boards.

The 8n has both brakes on the right side, while the 9n has the left brake on the right side.

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