Acadia and Traverse – 2022

Acadia vs. Traverse

GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Traverse can be compared in terms of fuel consumption, how often they require repairs, and reliability. We can also compare them in terms of car price, bill, features, value, and custom and dealer price quotes. Both cars have almost the same features, safety and protection measures, etc.

The main difference between the Acadia and the Traverse is their styling and price. Acadia is expensive and has standard equipment compared to the Traverse. The Acadia is available for around $31,740, while the Traverse starts at $29,224. They both have the same destination charges, which are $775. There is also a difference between the price on the invoice; that’s $27,763 for the Traverse and $30,153 for the Acadia.

Although the Acadia is more expensive than the Traverse, they share the same quality interior. Both have a maximum seating capacity of 154 cubic feet, and their dimensions are the same as well. Luggage capacity for both cars is around 24 cubic feet, and that’s the most they can go, but the Traverse is almost five inches taller. They both have the same length, width and wheelbase etc. The Acadia has a payload of about 1,523 compared to the Traverse’s 1,444 pounds.

If we compare the two cars in terms of performance, then the Acadia offers 288 horsepower and has a six-speed transmission, while the Traverse offers 281 and 288 horsepower mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Fuel economy for both cars is the same, and that’s 16-17 mpg in urban areas and 23-24 mpg on the highway. Both release 9.6 tons of carbon per year. The technology for the Traverse and Acadia equipment and options is nearly the same, with the Acadia having standard features such as LED taillights and remote keyless entry. The Traverse has a panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth, and a navigation system. Both have rear view cameras, a DVD player and a two-panel sunroof. They also have heated seats.

If we compare them based on safety, both vehicles offer the same safety technologies that are active and passive. They include side curtain airbags in the event of a side impact while driving. Cost of ownership is $48,040 for the Traverse for a five-year term, while the Acadia carries $52,247 for five years. Aside from the other differences, the Acadia is more difficult to negotiate compared to the Traverse.


The Acadia and Traverse have more similarities and fewer differences; They only differ in price and style. The Acadia is more expensive than the Traverse. The Traverse offers an anti-theft alarm system, while the Acadia offers LED brake lights and a remote vehicle start system. The Traverse has 281 at 6,300 rpm of power, while the Acadia offers 288 at 6,300 rpm of power. The outside length and height of the Traverse is 205.0′ and 70.4′, while the Acadia is 200.7′ and 72.8′.

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