What is Anxiety With Driving: How to Deal with Driving Anxiety

It is normal to feel insecure when driving, especially if you are learning or have had any problem behind the wheel. Still, if this insecurity continues and increases, even interfering in some way in your daily life, you may be suffering Amaxophobia. The term amaxophobia responds to a combination of two related words from ancient Greek:  amaxa, which refers to the armor of a carriage or chassis, and phobia, which refers to exaggerated fearful reactions. This is nothing more than an extreme and unjustified fear of Driving, which makes you perceive traffic and drivers moving along the routes as a constant danger or threat.

Here we are explaining to you in detail!

Why does Anxiety With Driving originate?

Amaxophobia presents itself in different ways: fear of driving in new places or through large highways, fear of going alone, driving in the rain, driving at night or on very long journeys, and fear of driving old, large vehicles or small ones. The variants are as many as the phenomena of driving. 

These intense and persistent fears are usually caused by traumatic episodes while driving. Still, they also appear when the driver is ever in a generalized panic, continuous stress, and anxiety.

Who can develop Amaxophobia, and how is it identified?

Both new drivers and more experienced drivers can have Amaxophobia at some point in their life. The chances that this phobia will dominate you will be greater if:

  • You went through a situation of stress, anxiety, or panic inside a vehicle not related to the Driving itself.
  • You felt fear since you started driving, and you never got over it, but, on the contrary, it increased over time.
  • While in a vehicle, you suffered a significant vehicle accident that triggered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If you have gone through any of these three situations and feel blocked when you try to take control of a vehicle, the most likely thing is that you are having Amaxophobia. But do not worry, this condition is surmountable. Through the respective professional help, you can be sure that you can understand how to lose your fear of driving on the highway, on a bridge, or narrow roads.

How to Deal with Driving Anxiety?

How to deal with driving anxiety That is the big question. Obviously, it is not a simple task, but if you propose it, you will achieve it, and when you least expect it, Amaxophobia will only be a bad memory in your life. For this, there are two types of treatments that work very well:

  • Live exhibition:  through this technique, which is carried out on the street with an adapted vehicle and during several phases, the aim is to understand how fears work just as they appear, which allows, among other things, to improve emotional control and driving skills.
  • Exposure by virtual reality: sessions are carried out in an office, with the accompaniment of a therapist, and using virtual reality responses to unpredictable situations of limited duration are forced, as necessary, until a personalized understanding of how to avoid the fear of driving.

With this type of treatment, you will better understand that traffic and drivers are not dangerous or threatening. You can effectively eliminate the phobia of fear of driving in new places or during a sudden rain. Find the best treatment for your case, and, with some time, you will discover for yourself that you will no longer wonder how to lose your fear of driving on the motorway, on tiny streets, or in the fog: you will have overcome it almost without realizing it.

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