Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto: Which One is the Best for You? Find Out Now

Are you familiar with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps? The well-known battle between these two companies has carried over to automobiles. Both brands offer you a comfortable and intelligent tool to integrate into your vehicle. Finding routes in real-time and replying to messages with our voice are some of the functions these tech titans have to offer.

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto: Main Differences

The Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto contest is fought to “win” the dashboard of your vehicle. Both can make your life easier when driving, keeping distractions to a minimum. So what are the characteristics that make them unique? Learn about the main differences between both software:

Android Auto: the efficient Google alternative

Fruit of the giant Google was launched in 2014. Your mobile must be updated with the Android 5 Lollipop operating system or later. To know the current version of your cell phone’s operating system, you must go to “Settings” and then to “About phone.” An advantage of Android Auto is that it has a wireless option without its connection with a USB cable to the car. 

However, this mode is only compatible with some Pixel or Samsung brand phones. Despite this, Android phones and accessories are a reasonably affordable option, and bringing a USB cable that allows you to connect to the vehicle’s screen will always be helpful. 

In 2019, Google introduced an update to the Android Auto interface. It has a dark background, extensive and ordered icons similar to the cell phone screen. One of its benefits is the Google Now notification system, with weather information, real-time traffic and schedules of the places you are going. Another advantage of this software is that it supports applications developed by other brands, such as Skype and Waze. 

However, not all the apps we find in Google Play to download are compatible with Android Auto. Different users report that the interface could be friendlier in terms of usability since access to apps is somewhat complicated. 

In addition, although Android Auto has a Voice Assistant, it does not activate automatically, and it is necessary to press it on the screen to be used. Another disadvantage is that Android Auto is not built into the phones, but you must download the application from Google Play.

Apple CarPlay: Foolproof Accessibility and Usability

For its part, the alternative to Android Auto came to us in 2014 thanks to the efforts of the prestigious Apple under the iOS operating system. 

Its Apple CarPlay software can be used from iPhone 5 onwards. In addition, you will have to make sure that its operating system is updated to version iOS 13. First of all, Apple CarPlay can be used via USB wired and wireless connection. However, both options are possible with some vehicle models, so you should find out if there is compatibility with your car. 

An advantage of Apple CarPlay is that its interface is amicable. It is divided into sections, where direct access to Maps, Music and Calls are a priority. There is a section dedicated to the date, time and settings. The rest of the applications are presented and ordered in a very intuitive way, with larger icons. 

A  welcome benefit of iPhone users is the addition of Siri to Apple CarPlay. When you connect to your car, Siri starts working automatically. However, it is necessary that you previously configure voice recognition on your iPhone. If what you are looking for are privacy and security, Apple CarPlay is the option. This system only supports applications associated with or developed by Apple and keeps your data private. 

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