Audi A7 Sportback: Unveiling the Dimensions and Boot Space of This Luxury Car

The Audi A7 Sportback is a full-size saloon framed in parallel to the Audi A6 Audi A8 within the brand’s saloon range. It is a different alternative mainly due to its body with a drop in the rear and with a hatchback.

Audi offers a wide variety of available engines in its A7 Sportback and offers all DGT labels. It has both combustion versions and microhybridization technology in addition to offering a couple of plug-in hybrid alternatives.

Audi A7 Sportback Measures

Measures Model Average of competitors
Height (mm) 1,422 1469
Length (mm) 4,969 4935
Wheelbase (Wheelbase) (mm) 2,926 2927
Width (mm) 1,908 1871
Ground clearance (mm) 136
Front track width (mm) 1,651 1604
Rear track width (mm) 1,637 1616
Turning diameter between curbs (mm) 12,200 11888

The average of the competitors that appears in this table of measurements corresponds to the large sedans on the market that compete directly with the A7. Mercedes CLS and BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo are the main rivals. The A7 Sportback measures almost 4.97 meters in length, 1.91 wide and 1.42 meters high. Figures at the average or above their rivals. The interior space is remarkable thanks mainly to a wheelbase of 2.92 meters.

Front and rear track width is above average for the full-size saloon segment, which also means interior seats with sufficient space for both shoulders and legs. Turning diameter between curbs of 12.2 meters They allow the Audi A7 Sportback to be a car with a good range of maneuver for urban stretches or tight parking spaces.

Squares and Gates

Squares and gates Model
Plazas 5
Doors 5

The Audi A7 is a 5-door hatchback model, unlike many conventional saloons. The front seats are good for space and ergonomics and the rear seats can be configured for two adults or with 2 + 1 for a total of five passengers. If three adults want to travel in the back, it will be somewhat more uncomfortable, especially if the journey is long.

Audi A7 Sportback Trunk

Audi A7
Trunk Model Average of competitors
Load compartment capacity (l) 535 536
Folded seats capacity (l) 1521

The Trunk capacity of the Audi A7 Sportback is 535 liters. The boot is a great reason to choose this model over a traditional saloon such as the A6 within the model range of the German brand. The data is located in the average of its main rivals that in addition to the CLS or 6 Series GT, they can also be the Lexus LS or even the Porsche Panamera or Jaguar XF within a higher segment.

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