Benefits of Car Wax You Never Know

Several factors affect the loss of color and gloss paint of a car, and the same can last from a few years to decades, depending on both the owner’s care, the effects of the environment, and the quality of the paint. 

Car wax can go a long way toward preserving the shine and paint of your vehicle. Therefore, below you will learn the Benefits of Car Wax and how to use it correctly.

Types of car wax and composition

It is interesting that there are different types of waxes and that their composition is different. First, there is the carnauba wax, which is naturally obtained from the Copernicia Cerifera palm’s leaves. It is mixed with oils and other synthetic components, but the greater the amount of carnauba you have, the higher it’s quality and shine. On the other hand, you can find synthetic wax, which is a mixture of several components. It usually includes petroleum distillates, ethanol, naphtha, alcohols, oils, and solvents. 

Due to its composition, this wax has a sealing effect and offers additional protection to the paint. Surely you have noticed that car wax can be found in two presentations, in the state of paste or liquid. Paste wax tends to be trickier to apply. On the other hand, if you wonder what is liquid car wax for consider that it has the same uses as paste, only that it comes in an aerosol format, which makes it more practical.

Benefits of car wax

It is more intuitive to understand what car wax is for by analyzing the benefits it provides. First of all, the wax improves the aesthetic appearance of the car since it gives more shine to its paint. On the other hand, the wax also protects the paint from ultraviolet rays, rainwater, and dirt in the environment. Protection is critical, taking into account the quarantine situation of the world. Your car is parked more extended than usual. 

This logically exposes the paint to various factors that vary depending on parking, such as sunlight, bird droppings, pollution, and dust. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply wax to your car to avoid premature wear. It is essential to remember that carnauba wax tends to offer a higher shine, especially to dark vehicles, although its protection and duration are not very high. On the other hand, the shine of synthetic waxes is not the same, but their protection is much greater. Also, keep in mind that it is essential how long the wax is left in the car: If you wax it and remove it immediately, the protection will not be optimal.

How to apply wax to your vehicle?

It is not enough to know what liquid car wax is for; it is necessary to know how to apply it correctly. The first thing you should do is clean the surface of the car well. Otherwise, you can scratch the paint when you proceed to wax it. Make sure it is scorched before waxing. The paste wax usually comes with a foam applicator; you can use it a little and spread it over the body’s entire surface according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

If it is liquid, spray the surfaces with the help of the aerosol. Then you can let it dry. To determine how long the wax is left on the car, consider the indications that appear on the original manufacturer’s container, as this time may vary from one brand to another. Once dry, you must remove the remains carefully, cleaning and rubbing the car’s surface in straight lines and the same direction. This polishing must be done with a microfiber cloth and with very little pressure.

If you want to keep your car always in good condition and preserve its appearance, something that will help you is to wax it every 6 months, with the wax of your choice. This will keep your vehicle looking shiny and like new, even if you can’t take it out as often as before.

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