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I’ve always had a soft spot for coupes. Like many of you, when I was little I dreamed of having a two-door model in my garage when I grew up. Today that dream has been fulfilled, although we will deal with that topic another day. Today we are going to analyze the new BMW 4 Series , the medium coupé of the German brand, which passes through our hands after having received a notable generational change. It starts from 48,950 euros and has a lot to contribute.

The Bavarian brand already made it clear that it wanted a clear differentiation between sedan and coupé when it decided to change their names. It all started in 2014 when the Series 3 Coupé changed its name to be called Series 4. Since then, more than 800,000 units of the model have been sold and with this second generation they intend to keep that figure growing. Your main strengths? Design, quality, technology and a dynamic behavior of those who fall in love.

BMW 420d Exterior

And speaking of exterior aesthetics, we must start with the element that has sparked the most controversy since it was presented. This is the grille of contention , the one that has been criticized by many BMW fans. Emulating what Quevedo said to Góngora, here we could say that “there was a car stuck to a grill”. The reason is none other than the redesign of the kidneys, which adopt a more vertical layout and are integrated into the same frame in black, in this case. The grille has active aerodynamics and allows air to enter when required.

Although it is not all the grill in the BMW 4 Series. In its front, the sharp LED headlights also attract attention , which can carry laser technology for the first time. The bumper is voluptuous, with air intakes on the sides. From the profile, the large wheel arches to house tires from 17 to 20 inches are striking . In our case there are some of that larger size and the brake calipers are red. As a good coupé, it only has two doors.

At the rear, that suggestive silhouette of a coupé becomes even more evident. The fall of the roof is very marked and the Hofmeister curve appears clearly on the C-pillar. The most characteristic of the rear are the elongated LED pilot lights, although details such as the air intakes or the lip-shaped spoiler also attract attention. in black. The lower area is covered by a contrasting diffuser that houses two real exhaust outlets that are also in black.

With respect to the previous generation, it experiences a notable increase in dimensions. It is almost 13 centimeters longer , as it remains at a length of 4,768 mm. It’s also slightly wider and taller, with a width of 1,852mm and a height of 1,383mm, respectively. In addition, its wheelbase extends to 2,851 mm to improve interior space , something that we will see below.

BMW 420d Interior

If on the outside it is easy to appreciate the notable changes that the BMW 4 Series has compared to the 3 Series, inside they are very difficult to appreciate . If you saw my colleague Luis’ test with the 3 Series Touring a few months ago, you’ll know what I’m talking about. For me, the main difference would be the riding position, which is lower in this example.

The grip offered by the sports seats or the thickness of the steering wheel stands out for good , one of the points that I like the most on a personal level. It is also noticeable that there is less space in the front seats, although it is still enough for most users and they have details such as the system that brings the belt closer to you.

And from the driver’s position you can see the 12.3-inch digital instrumentation , which is the optional BMW Live Cockpit Professional, as standard it would be a 5.1-inch screen. The graphics are advanced and the display options are abundant, the main downside is the reflections that appear when light hits it directly. In this unit we also have a Head-Up Display that means we don’t have to take our eyes off the road too much.

In the central part is the main 10.25-inch touch screen . As standard there would be an 8.8-inch, but it is advisable to mount this for obvious advantages. It has complete connectivity thanks to wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as navigation with real-time traffic data, as well as very intuitive menus. The control is tactile, but it can also be done from the iDrive control in the center console, with voice commands and even with gesture control for some simple tasks such as increasing the volume.

Quality is something that will always be looked at with a magnifying glass in BMWs simply for the fact of being a premium brand, especially in a model with a high starting price like this 4 Series. The fact is that this model gets a good grade in this appearance, with very well-made finishes and materials that are pleasant to the touch. Highlight the leather that covers the seats, with stitching in the colors of M sport, something that is also repeated in these belts that come closer when you close the door. Add dashboard padding or metal trim.

It is known by all that the worst part of a coupé is the habitability . Access to the rear seats of this copy is complicated and that the front doors are of a generous size and that the seats move forward alone thanks to the electric drive. We are with a copy approved for four passengers with a 2 + 2 configuration .

It is a good decision and leaves us with generous lateral seats by width and with a space for the legs and head that is not bad. The first will depend on the position of the front occupants. The second row also features a center seat armrest, air conditioning vents and two USB-C ports.

BMW 420d Trunk

BMW 420d review

In a model with these characteristics, the trunk is not going to be one of the strong points . The main reason is that the third door is replaced by a gate that makes the loading mouth smaller. It will cost to leave bulky objects at the end, but it also makes up for it with the optional electric opening or with some quite usable shapes. In fact, this BMW 4 Series offers 440 liters of capacity , a figure that is somewhat above the average for the segment.

This trunk has some other advantages such as lighting or a 12 V socket. From this surface the rear seats can be folded down thanks to some handles. It would be made in three parts (40:20:40), allowing that central hole for long objects. Under the floor we find the anti-puncture kit, without having the option to mount a spare wheel, not even optionally.

BMW 420d Equipment

The standard equipment of this model is quite complete. There are details such as LED headlights, wheels from 17 to 19 inches (depending on the mechanics chosen), tri-zone climate control, sports steering wheel, interior lighting or fabric upholstery. We must also highlight a good number of driving aids and technologies such as the BMW Live Cockpit or front and rear parking sensors.

And it can always be completed even more with the different lines of equipment that are available. The M Sport package is one of the most popular, as it gives it a sportier image through its specific details. There are also other interesting packs such as Connectivity, Comfort or Innovation to complete the Series 4 at a technological level in a masterful way.

As a good premium vehicle, the customization is very extensive and this example can be configured practically to taste. That includes carbon fiber trim, sports seats or the colors of the M sports division in points such as the seams or the belt. It should also be borne in mind that its price will rise a lot as soon as options begin to be added to the rate.

BMW 420d Motor

The mechanical range of the BMW 4 Series is quite balanced. There are no hybrid options, but there are electrified ones, since most versions have a 48V Mild Hybrid system to achieve the DGT ECO label. Among the diesel appears the 420d with four cylinders and 2.0 liters. It is the one that mounts our unit and has 190 CV, allowing you to choose between rear-wheel drive or total xDrive. Above would be the 3.0-liter six-cylinder, the 430d with 286 hp and the M440d with 340 hp; both with all-wheel drive. They all carry the eight-speed automatic transmission.

There are also four gasoline options to suit all tastes. The access is the 420i with its four cylinders and 184 CV, the same mechanics is used by the 430i that reaches up to 245 CV; with the propulsion present in both cases and without the Mild Hybrid system. Above is the M440i xDrive with six cylinders, all-wheel drive and 374 hp. The top of the range is the almighty BMW M4 Competition, which reaches up to 510 hp and offers heart-stopping performance.

BMW 420d Behavior

The first time I got into this new BMW 4 Series was with a 430i that I said seemed to me the most successful version of the model. However, now with the 420d I see that the four cylinder diesel is not a bad option for those who travel a greater number of kilometers per year. A priori it might seem the most boring, but at the same time it is also the most practical and the one with the best consumption. It surprises with its efficiency thanks to the Mild Hybrid system and that roll by inertia or the extended Start/Stop.

In fact, the refinement with which the engine turns on and off without being barely noticeable is striking in these situations. The good work of soundproofing in this BMW 4 Series is noticeable. In the long run, it translates into enormous driving comfort and also low consumption. After a week at the wheel we obtained an average of 6.5 l/100km , a figure that is not bad due to the high rates experienced.

We can always lower consumption a little more (or increase it) by resorting to the different available driving modes. In this case, we can choose between the Eco Pro, the Comfort and the Sport ; there is a noticeable difference between them. They affect steering, throttle response and even sound, which is simulated in sport mode. They also modify the feel of the 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission , which has very quick and smooth transitions. It can be used in a manual version with the paddles behind the steering wheel.

Another change option is that with the sports package the Steptronic Sport change with Launch Control and another striking function is mounted. It receives the name of M Sprint and allows reductions to the lowest gear by keeping the left paddle pressed. It is interesting, although this diesel 420d will not stand out for performance. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds and its maximum speed is 240 km/h, although for me the highlight is the recovery from 80 to 120 km/h in 4.8 seconds and the forcefulness that they provide 400 Nm of torque between 1,750 and 2,500 laps.

Although without a doubt, the most outstanding point of the BMW 4 Series is its chassis . With the new generation we saw that its center of gravity dropped slightly (21 mm), along with its weight. They are 1,680 kg in running order that make it an exemplary Gran Turismo with a perfect weight distribution of 50:50 . We say this because it is not a pure sports car, the coupé has also thought about comfort. It doesn’t feel as comfortable on cornering sections as its predecessors did, but in return it’s more complete than ever.

At the end of the day, we are with a model that achieves that exquisite touch thanks to the propulsion, which manages to transmit many more sensations than most current cars. The address has a correct weight, the brakes have a good bite and even the negative camber is increased in both axes to improve its dynamism. The unit-mounted M Sport suspension is a good option and adaptive is also offered.

BMW 420d Review

There are segments that are very close, in which it is almost impossible to get a clear winner due to equality between models. But among midsize four-seater coupes, for me, the BMW 4 Series is the outright winner . It leaves behind rivals such as the Audi A5 or the Mercedes C-Class Coupé with that dynamic that falls in love and that is accompanied by a totally renewed technology or a quality at the level of a premium model. The new design will please some and displease others, but it is clear that it leaves no one indifferent.

Although it must also be made clear that it is a car with a high starting price. The most basic would be 48,950 euros , but if we want a more personalized configuration and more complete equipment, the rate will increase considerably. The tested unit has practically all the options that can be mounted on a Series 4 and that makes its price close to 70,000 euros. That rate can be reduced if you go to, where we have the best new car deals in the country, so now you know: unleash your mobility and visit us to discover all our advantages.

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