Difference Between BMW 650i and 645i

BMW 650i vs 645i

The 645i and 650i are two high-performance cars from BMW that belong to the 6-series. Both are well known for their big engines, sleek styling, and wallet-friendly price tags. The main difference between the 650i and 645i is their age. The 645i is an older model that was made in 2004 and 2005, while the 650i started production in 2006 and continues through the 2012 model released this year. Unsurprisingly, the 650i’s many revisions mean it has improved its features over the years.

The only aspect that buyers would probably look at is the power of the engine. The 645i has a 4.4-liter engine that is capable of putting out around 333 hp. The 650i started with a larger 4.8-litre engine that was able to put out a correspondingly higher 360hp. But with the latest model, BMW managed to reduce the engine’s displacement to just 4.4 liters while increasing the power output to 400 hp.

Gearbox options for the two are also different. The 645i is available with a manual or automatic transmission. The 650i has been purely a 6-speed manual transmission. So those who don’t know how to drive a stick don’t need to order the 650i.

Lastly, BMW introduced brake energy regeneration technology with the 650i; Something that is not present in the 645i. This is similar to what an electric vehicle uses to recover some energy and recharge its battery. The concept remains the same with the 650i. It recovers some of the car’s kinetic energy, converts it into electricity and uses it to charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the 650i can shut down the generator. In normal driving, this translates into less stress on the engine and lower fuel consumption. But when you want to drive aggressively and push your vehicle to the limit, this translates to more power to the wheels for greater acceleration.

All in all, regardless of the price, the 650i is the better vehicle between the two. It’s more powerful, more fuel efficient, and looks better between the two.


1.The 650i is a new model compared to the 645i.
2.The 650i has a more powerful engine than the 645i.
3.The 645i comes in manual and automatic transmission, while the 650i only comes in manual.
4.The 650i is equipped with brake energy regeneration technology, while the 645i is not.

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