BMW R18 Transcontinental YR 18 B Announced

AFTER seeing the engines in various stages of road testing in recent months, the arrival of the BMW Transcontinental and R 18 B YR 18 B comes as no surprise.

The two engines signal BMW’s move into the heavy-duty touring and cruiser segment, while the German brand appears to be competing with Harley-Davidson and Indian.

In addition to the standard BMW R18, the heavyweight Transcontinental gets the obligatory batwing front fairing and a high screen and wind deflectors and fins. The dashboard contains four round analog instruments and a 10.25-inch TFT color screen, while the nose contains additional lighting. A Marshall sound system is included, along with engine guards, saddlebags and trunk, heated seats, chrome trim and a silver metallic engine. The R18 B has a lower screen in keeping with bagger styling, a slimmer seat, a darkened engine and no top box.

Surprisingly, since BMW added about 50kg to the R18 B (398kg) and over 80kg to the Transcontinental (427kg), the engine of the two bikes seems relatively unchanged. The 1,802cc engine has a 107.1mm bore and 100mm stroke. Engine power is 67 kW (91 hp) at 4,750 rpm and peak torque of 158 Nm (116 lb-ft) is available from 3,000 rpm.

Features of the BMW R18 Transcontinental and R 18 B:

  • Handlebar mounted fairing
  • High windshield (R 18 Transcontinental)
  • Low windshield (R 18 B)
  • Suitcases in body color paint finish (27 litres, with audio 26.5 litres)
  • Vibration-decoupled top box with body color paint finish
    (48 litres, with audio 47 litres, R 18 Transcontinental only)
  • Body color wind deflectors (R 18 Transcontinental only)
  • 24 liter fuel tank.
  • Power 67 kW (91 hp) at 4,750 rpm, maximum torque 158 Nm at 3,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque of 150 Nm (116 lb-ft)
  • Closed axle drive swingarm in rigid frame design
  • Telescopic fork with fork sleeves and cantilever strut with ride-dependent damping and automatic load compensation
  • Disc brakes front and rear and alloy wheels
  • abs
  • Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) standard
  • Active Cruise Control (ACC): Cruise control with integrated distance control for relaxed driving as a factory option.
  • LED-lighting
  • adaptive flashing light
  • Engine protection (R18 Transcontinental only)
  • Standard seat heating (R 18 Transcontinental only)
  • Standard heated handles
  • keyless contact
  • Three driving modes as standard plus ASC and MSR.
  • Backwards

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