BMW X1 Review: Exploring the Dimensions and Boot Space of this Premium Crossover SUV

The BMW X1 is a high-end car that belongs to the midsize SUV segment. It rivals directly with very important models in the sector such as the Audi Q3 or the Mercedes GLA. This second generation of the X1 offers a plug-in hybrid version that allows it to obtain the ZERO label from the DGT. The BMW X1 offers good interior finishes and multiple driving aids as standard. The interior space and its dimensions are good compared to the average for the segment.

This is the complete guide to the exterior dimensions and boot capacity of the BMW X1.

BMW X1 Review: Measures

Measures Model Average of competitors
Height (mm) 1545 1605
Longitud (mm) 4454 4380
Distancia entre ejes (Batalla) (mm) 2760 2651
Anchura (mm) 1798 1824
Altura libre sobre el suelo (mm) 194 179
Front track width (mm) 1500 1569
Rear track width (mm) 1529 1568
Turning diameter between curbs (mm) 11300 10921

The BMW X1 is a model that we could consider a little smaller in terms of measurements, within that it belongs to the segment that we have already discussed. It is six cm shorter than its rivals and is also slightly narrower. Nevertheless, offers greater length and a very remarkable wheelbase of 2.76 meters, which are 11 cm more than the average. This translates directly into better and more interior space for passengers.

The front and rear track dimensions are slightly below average. This can be seen reflected in a smaller space in the rear seats as far as lateral space is concerned, although the space for the legs is remarkable thanks to its battle. Turning diameter between curbs It is well above the average, as is its ground clearance, which is close to 19.5 cm.

Squares and Gates

Squares and gates Model
Plazas 5
Doors 5

The BMW X1 is the smallest model in the X series of the German brand. Its body is 5 doors and has a configuration for 5 passengers. Above him in dimensions, models such as the X3, X5 or X6 are framed. In addition, some of these models, such as the X5, have a 7-occupant configuration available.


Trunk Model Average of competitors
Load compartment capacity (l) 480 468
Folded seats capacity (l) 1350 1443

In boot dimensions, the BMW X1 has 480 liters of capacity. This is about 12 liters above the average for the midsize SUV sector. However, with the rear row of seats folded down, the maximum capacity remains at 1,350 liters. Below the 1,443 liters of its competitors. The size of the boot itself is good and it features an accessible and capable loading port.

It should be noted that if we choose to choose the plug-in hybrid version called xDrive25e, the capacity of the boot will be reduced to 450 liters by batteries. In any case, it would still be a very good figure for a model with a ZERO label.

In short, the X1 is a high-end SUV with good length and wheelbase data but offering less width and height. In the cabin this will translate into good legroom but slightly just for the shoulders and head.

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