Difference Between Cadillac CTS and Cadillac STS

Cadillac CTS vs. cadillac sts

Note: This article deals strictly with the latest CTS (2008) and the latest STS (2006), and does not discuss the differences between the CTS-V and STS-V; Where the STS-V is, in fact, the fastest and sportiest car.

Cadillac is known for its superiority and class, and the CTS and STS are no exception. At a glance, the cars appear to be quite similar (to the untrained eye) in terms of the characteristic Cadillac signature features, including the vertical headlights and taillights, the attention to interior features, and the general shapes of these classic vehicles. . Both cars aim to achieve high levels of performance and style.

The discerning eye, however, begins to notice the stark differences that separate the two into different classes, in which each was destined. First of all, we consider the exterior. The STS sports a mini spoiler, quickly becoming identified as a smoother ride and performance-driven vehicle. The CTS grille is uniquely more vertical than the Cadillac trademark, which is a testament to its luxury-based appeal, to blend modern styling with original classicism.

In addition, the materials of the two cars vary both in the engines and in the wheels. The engines are very similar in most respects, but there is a notable divergence in both block and cylinder material. The CTS engine is made from sand-cast aluminum, while the STS is made from cast aluminum and semi-permanent cast aluminum, respectively.

When it comes to wheel material, CTS wheels are made from a metal alloy, while STS wheels have their smaller wheels made from cast aluminum, and the larger ones are made from flow-shaped aluminum.

In terms of speed, despite the STS’s reputation as the generally fastest sedan, according to specifications on Cadillac’s website, the CTS tops out at 7,200 rpm, taking advantage of six-speed capabilities; while the 2006 STS gets closer to 6700 rpm, with only five speeds accessible.

In conclusion, the cars are clearly identifiable by two main categories “the exterior, which considers the general appearances, as well as the materials of the wheels and engines, and their performance in terms of maximum speed. By following these guidelines, even the inexperienced consumer you may seem knowledgeable about these amazing sedans.

1. While both the Cadillac CTS and STS aim to express their roles as performance and luxury vehicles, the CTS is targeting a market in search of elegance and magnificence, by virtue of its exterior appearance, while the STS targets groups seeking to be identifiable as sporty and performance-oriented.

2. The top speeds achieved by each sees the CTS as the trailblazer, with six gears, as opposed to the latest STS, which only contains five.

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