Car Jerk When Accelerating

For your car to treat you well, you must take care of it. The cars we drive today have a lot of technology and complex systems that require specific parts to work and, to diagnose a breakdown, you may need an expert since a symptom can mean many things. If your car jerks when accelerating or starting with no apparent cause, it is probably a fault with another component. 

These types of manifestations make driving very uncomfortable, but, luckily, it is something that specialists’ hands can be solved quickly. It is standard for these types of jerks to be related to failures with the fuel injection system, the exhaust or the ignition system. Still, it may also be due to other causes, such as a malfunction in the gearbox or even a malfunction in the air conditioning.

Why does my car jerk when accelerating?

If your car is jerking, the problems may come from the gearbox. This can be a very costly breakdown to repair, as it requires a lot of labor. The jerks caused by a gearbox failure are not caused by it; instead, the detail is in the clutch. Excessive clutch wear can cause your car to jerk and even make shifting feel awkward.

Wear and tear on the throttle cable can cause jerks on the car.

Throttle cable malfunction may be causing the jerks. To solve this, it is advisable to change the cable before it breaks. Failure to do so can cause the car to stop running when it expires and breaks down due to using.

Failure of a spark plug or the cables that connect them

The spark plugs are responsible for making the fuel mixture with oxygen ignite. If they do not work correctly, this can cause the jerks or, even, that the car no longer starts.

Catalyst plugged

When the catalyst is covered, the gases that are the product of combustion are not expelled. For that reason, until the car fails to rev and take them out, there will be jerks in the car.

The fuel filter is clogged.

Excess debris buildup on the filter may prevent the engine from getting enough gas, which may explain why my car jerks when accelerating.

Dirty injectors

Another possible answer to the question  “my car is jerking, what do I do”  is the accumulation of dirt in the injectors. Its cleaning is simple.

Coil deterioration

The coil deteriorates from driving at very high revs. This is another reason why a  car jerks. Any of the possibilities above can be prevented with regular maintenance and done by professionals. Finding the fault before it becomes a severe fault is ideal, especially since your car is part of your heritage and taking care of it is taking care of your money.

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