Caterham History: Celebrating the Legacy of Lightweight Sports Cars

1957-1958 – The birth

In  1957,  the British manufacturer Lotus launched the Lotus Seven. Immediately after, motor enthusiasts embrace it as a low-cost, lightweight, and pedigree racing car. Various revisions were released in later years.

Ignite History: Your Passion for Performance with Caterham!

Caterham Cars has a rich heritage deeply rooted in the legendary Lotus Seven. In 1957, Lotus introduced the Lotus Seven, a revolutionary racing car that quickly captured the hearts of motor enthusiasts. The Seven was renowned for its low cost, lightweight construction, and exceptional racing pedigree.

Over the years, Lotus made several revisions and improvements to the Seven, enhancing its performance and driving experience. However, in 1972, due to changing regulations and market demands, Lotus decided to discontinue the production of the Seven. This decision left a void in the hearts of many sports car enthusiasts.

Fortunately, the story of the Seven did not end there. In the same year, a small British car company called Caterham Cars stepped in to preserve the legacy of the Seven. Caterham purchased the rights to manufacture the Seven and took over production, ensuring that the iconic lightweight sports car would continue to thrive.

Under Caterham’s ownership, the Seven received further advancements and refinements, while staying true to its original ethos of being lightweight and performance-oriented. The company remained dedicated to providing enthusiasts with a pure driving experience that emphasized agility, responsiveness, and sheer driving pleasure.

Caterham Cars became synonymous with the Lotus Seven, and their expertise in producing these exceptional sports cars earned them a devoted following around the world. The company’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail set them apart, making each Caterham Seven a unique and exhilarating machine.

Throughout its history, Caterham has introduced various models and special editions, each offering its blend of performance and style. From the entry-level Seven 270 to the range-topping Seven 620R, the company catered to a wide spectrum of driving preferences and skill levels.

Today, Caterham Cars continue to build on its legacy, staying true to the spirit of lightweight sports cars. Their vehicles are hand-built in the UK, embodying the same principles of simplicity, purity, and driving enjoyment that made the Lotus Seven a legend.

The legacy of Caterham Cars and the Lotus Seven is a testament to the enduring appeal of lightweight sports cars. These machines have captured the imagination of enthusiasts for decades, providing a thrilling and immersive driving experience that can only be truly appreciated behind the wheel.

Caterham’s commitment to the heritage of the Seven ensures that the legacy lives on, delighting sports car enthusiasts and reminding us of the joy of driving a lightweight, agile, and pedigreed machine.

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