Difference Between Chevy Tahoe LS and Tahoe LT

Chevy Tahoe LS vs Tahoe LT

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV from the American company General Motors. This is a fairly large vehicle with a suitably large engine and correspondingly low mileage. There are several variants of the Chevy Tahoe, including the LS and LT variants. In reality, the LS and LT variants are just different trim packages that specify what features you get, as well as what upgrade options you have. The Tahoe LT is a taller trim option with better features and upgrades compared to the Tahoe LS. Consequently, the Tahoe LT also has a higher base price than the Tahoe LS.

Because the Tahoe LT is the taller trim option, it comes with a number of features not available or considered upgrades to the Tahoe LS. The first is leather seats for the first two rows of the vehicle. The Tahoe LS only comes with cloth seats, which don’t have the same opulent feel as leather. Another feature is the ultrasonic rear parking assist system. This allows the Tahoe LT to know if there is an obstacle behind and therefore alert the driver that something is about to be hit when backing up. This system is considered an upgrade for the Tahoe LS and is correspondingly priced above the base price.

In addition to the features that come standard, there are also features that are only available on the Tahoe LT. Upgrades like the rear-seat DVD entertainment system and power sunroof are exclusive to the Tahoe LT. The dealer would not be able to give these upgrades to the Chevy Tahoe LS even if you request them.

In terms of performance, there really is no difference between the Tahoe LS and the Tahoe LT. The only difference between them is the comfort you get or can take advantage of.


1.The Tahoe LT has higher trim options than the Tahoe LS
2.The Tahoe LT has leather seats, while the Tahoe LS has cloth seats
3.Auto-locking differentials are standard on Tahoe LT but not Tahoe LS
4. Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist is standard on Tahoe LT but not Tahoe LS
5.Emergency seat DVD entertainment system is available on the Tahoe LT but not on the LS
6.A sunroof is available on the Tahoe LT but not on the Tahoe LS

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