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Crossover and SUV – 2022

Crossover vs. SUV

Traveling on rough terrain has always been a burden for cars. Negotiating this type of terrain with an unsuitable vehicle invites disaster and inconvenience. However, one type of vehicle is made for driving on or off the road; This type of vehicle is called an ATV. ATVs are capable of driving on paved or gravel surfaces. These vehicles are distinguished from other types by having deep, open treads as well as having flexible suspension, with some of this type using caterpillar tracks. One of the most common uses for this type of vehicle is for sightseeing in areas that are far from pavement. Because these vehicles have high clearance and traction, they can access roads with rough, low traction surfaces such as trails, forest roads, and dunes.

One of the first off-road vehicles came from the idea of ​​a French military engineer named Adolphe Kégresse while he was working for Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Kégresse designed a rubber track track that he named as a Kégresse track. The track uses a flexible belt that can be put on a conventional car and turns it into a half track that makes the vehicle run smoothly on uneven and soft terrain. In 1917, after the Russian Revolution, Kégresse returned to France, where the system he designed was used on Citroën cars, both off-road vehicles and military vehicles. Some of these vehicles were given to overland expeditions, sponsored by Citroën, to cross North Africa and Central Asia. In the years that followed, these vehicles became more comfortable and manufacturers added more luxuries to them. These vehicles soon evolved into SUVs, descendants of commercial and military vehicles such as the World War II Jeep and Land Rover. They continued to evolve into the Crossover vehicle, which sacrifices off-road and utility capabilities for better on-road performance and luxury.

The SUV, or sports utility vehicle, is built on a light truck chassis. These vehicles often come equipped with four-wheel drive, which allows all four wheels of the vehicle to receive torque from the engine simultaneously, providing better control for on- and off-road uses. This also reflects its ability to be used as an off-road vehicle. But not every four-wheel drive vehicle is considered an SUV. Certain SUVs have the towing capacity of pickup trucks, and some of them have passenger-carrying features of a minivan or sedan. There are also some SUVs that can be considered as light trucks and share the same car platform as pickup trucks. SUVs have the characteristics of having a high ground clearance, being upright, having a square body and a high hip point.

The new Crossover vehicle is built on a car platform and combines some of the characteristics of an SUV. These design features include high interior packing, high hip point, ground clearance, or four-wheel drive capability. It also includes other features of a passenger car platform, independent rear suspension, better highway handling and better fuel economy. These types of vehicles only have light off-road capabilities due to the change in design.


1. ATVs are used to negotiate rougher terrain and were designed by a French military engineer named 2.Adolphe Kégresse. The fork of this type of vehicle is the SUV, which still has the ability to go off-road, but offers more luxuries.
3. A crossover vehicle is a newer design compared to SUVs. This type of vehicle has some of the characteristics of the SUV, but sacrifices off-road capabilities for better fuel efficiency and better on-road performance.



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