Dream of Buying a New Car: Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes

Every day someone decides to buy a new vehicle. The National Automotive Association of Chile, in its report on the automotive market, revealed that by the end of 2019, 372,878 new vehicles were sold. And the reasons for buying a new car can be many, from the need to change to adjust the budget to the current economic situation, or even to having the possibility of saving on consumption and performance with a higher-end model. Still, many people make mistakes when buying vehicles. Learn about the most important ones below and discover how to avoid them.

Dream of Buying a New Car – Avoid These Mistakes

1. Not having defined its use

Before buying a new car, you should ask yourself: What do you need? In this way, you can put your needs before whims. Currently, there are a large number of cars:

  • Commercial
  • SUV
  • Go
  • Sedan
  • Pickup truck
  • Citycar
  • Hatchback
  • Sports

You must think about what it will be used; if you intend to take family trips, for example, you will need a lot of space; If you use it every day to go to work, maybe a small vehicle will suit you, easy to park and move around the city. That is, you must choose the car that best suits your needs.m

2. Not thinking about who will use it

After defining the use that you will give it, you must define who will use the car. The purchase of vehicles that serve any family member and require space is not the same as the purchase of a personal car. If the vehicle is for you, feel free to choose what suits you best, but if you are thinking of sharing it with your family, you should choose 

something that suits everyone who will drive it.

3. Don’t think about your performance

This is one of the most common mistakes made when buying vehicles, and it is straightforward to get carried away by an attractive model and not think about performance. First of all,  performance is defined as the average ratio of one kilometer driven to fuel consumed. This performance also varies depending on the weight or size of the vehicle and depending on the weather and driving habits. Not knowing the performance will prevent you from making calculations about the fuel consumption and the expense that it will entail; the ideal thing will be that you look for a model that has a performance adapted to your pocket.

4. Not checking the availability of spare parts

In addition to choosing an attractive model and a good engine, before buying a new car, it is essential to verify that the parts you may need throughout its useful life are not only available but also easy to find. One of the worst problems you can face is having your car broken down and having to wait forever to get parts. That is why it is better to identify which models meet this requirement.

5. Not choosing the right moment

Did you know that there are good times and bad times to buy a new car? Yes, and except for an emergency, it is better to buy something so important and valuable at the right time. 

6. Don’t ask for proof

Finally, dream of buying a new car, there is no guarantee that the model in question will be of your comfort. That is why beyond relying on the words of the external references that you get from the vehicle, you should try it since it is not the same to review reviews, watch videos or listen to opinions than to sit behind the wheel and check if this is the model that meets your needs. To do this, do not hesitate to ask the seller for their test models. 

Before buying a new car, you should know its purpose and do preliminary research between brands and models. Keep in mind that details such as comparing prices are not too much and that it is convenient to know the specifications and equipment of each model well.

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