Difference Between Eclipse GST and GSX

Eclipse GST vs. GSX

The Eclipse GST, which stands for Grand Sport Turbo, and GSX, which stands for Grand Sport X, are two very popular models despite being quite old. These two Eclipse models share a lot in terms of styling and even their engines. The main difference between the Eclipse GST and the Eclipse GSX is the design of the transmission. The Eclipse GST is a front-wheel drive vehicle, which means only the wheels at the front of the vehicle can power the vehicle. In contrast, the GSX is an all-wheel drive vehicle. Power from the GSX’s engine can be directed to all four wheels.

An AWD vehicle like the GSX certainly has a number of advantages over an FWD vehicle like the GST. One of the benefits is the ability to put more power to the ground with reduced risk of wheel slip so you can accelerate higher without wearing out. Another benefit is greater control in adverse conditions such as wet roads, steep grades, or other instances where one or more wheels experience reduced traction.

The GSX with its AWD design is not without its drawbacks. The first disadvantage is the added weight of the components needed to drive all the wheels. Although it varies from model to model, the added weight is usually a few hundred pounds. The added weight negatively affects the fuel efficiency of the vehicle with all other things constant. The second disadvantage is the increased complexity of the transmission and the added moving parts. Of course, with more moving parts, there is a greater chance that a part will fail. There is also an increase in maintenance cost as each part will wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Outside, the notable difference between the GST and GSX is the slightly larger tire used by the latter; The GSX uses 17-inch wheels compared to the 16-inch wheels on the GST.

The question of choosing between a GST and a GSX comes down to whether you want an FWD or an AWD vehicle.


1.The GST is a FWD vehicle, while the GSX is an AWD vehicle.
2.The GST is lighter than the GSX.
3.The GST has fewer mechanical parts than the GSX.
4.The GST uses 16-inch wheels, while the GSX uses 17-inch wheels.

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