Electromobility: 5 Reasons To Buy Electric Or Hybrid Cars

Technically, the difference between hybrid and electric cars is that the former has a combustion engine, based on gasoline, and one or more motors powered by electricity. They represent a “transition technology” between traditional and 100% electric vehicles.

Since 2010, its use globally has increased. In Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the UN Electric Mobility Report, between January 2016 and September 2019, 6,000 new light vehicles of this type were registered.

The penetration is due to different factors such as the decrease in manufacturing costs, governments’ efforts to promote and promote its use, and of course, the advantages they offer.

Significant reduction in carbon emissions

Hybrid and electric cars permit 3 times less greenhouse gas than fossil combustion. That improves air quality and helps fight climate change. Something significant if you consider that, according to the UN, air pollution causes 7 million deaths a year globally. 

In this context,  electric cars in Chile are key if the transport is responsible for more than 22% of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the National Electromobility Strategy projections, if by 2050 the goal of making 40% of the fleet of light vehicles electric is met, 11 million tons of CO₂ per year will be avoided. 

Fuel savings

By combining a combustion engine with an electric one, hybrid cars significantly reduce fuel consumption. For their part, electrics don’t need a single drop of it.

This, as already pointed out, is very important for the environment, but also your pocket.  

Less noise

Electric motors produce minimal sound when running. This not only makes driving more comfortable, but it also reduces noise pollution. It considers that the WHO recommends noise levels below 55 (dB) in outdoor spaces, and in Chile, there are points where the indicator reaches 70 and 90 (dB).

Easy maintenance

Electric motors use, among other principles, electromagnetic rotation to function. They are much easier to repair and maintain with no fluids, filters, moving parts, clutches, and transmission. In addition, by having few moving elements, you will not suffer the traditional damages. 

Of course, the absence of lubricants and filters reduces the handling of hazardous waste, which contributes to the planet’s conservation. 


Electric and hybrid cars offer excellent cutting-edge technological features that improve safety, entertainment, connectivity, and connection while driving. 

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