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The FIAT 500X is a good alternative within the SUV segment as it has a design derived from the traditional 500 and decent heights and dimensions among its rivals. Within the 500 range, there are currently also the FIAT 500L and the FIAT 500C. FIAT offers in its 500X versions with gasoline and diesel engines, all of them with DGT label C. Its main rivals in dimensions and trunk are models such as the Mazda CX-3, Opel Crossland or the Citroën C3 Aircross.

FIAT 500X Dimensions

Measures Model Average of competitors
Height (mm) 1595 1605
Longitud (mm) 4264 4380
Distancia entre ejes (Batalla) (mm) 2570 2651
Anchura (mm) 1796 1824
Altura libre sobre el suelo (mm) 160 179
Front track width (mm) 1545 1569
Rear track width (mm) 1545 1568
Turning diameter between curbs (mm) 11050 10921

The 500X is a model that is one notch lower in measurements than the industry average for midsize SUVs. This is reflected in its length and its wheelbase which measure 4.26 meters and 2.57 meters respectively. The height of 1.59 meters and the width of 1.79 meters are also slightly below the competitors. The 16 cm ground clearance will allow you to carry out some sections off the asphalt with ease.

However, the turning diameter between curbs is 11.05 meters so andIt is clearly above the industry average. This data is useful especially to take into account the ability of the car to turn the wheels in narrow sections. So we have a car of the right dimensions compared to its rivals but with very good maneuverability when parking both on the street and in a narrow garage space.

Squares and Gates

Squares and gates Model
Plazas 5
Doors 5

The model of the Italian brand has a 5-door body and a 5-passenger configuration. It does not have a 7-seater option, neither the 500X nor any other current model for sale in Spain from FIAT. However, the 500 does offer 3-door bodywork.


Trunk Model Average of competitors
Load compartment capacity (l) 350 468
Folded seats capacity (l) 1000 1443

The Italian model offers an attractive design thanks to its similarity to the traditional 500 and this will mean a great increase in sales. As far as measurements and dimensions are concerned, as we have seen, it is somewhat worse positioned. As far as boot capacity is concerned, with the rear row of seats folded down, the capacity is 1,000 liters. It is 443 liters less than the average.

We are therefore facing a notably smaller car whose virtues are not found in the aspect of habitability and load capacity.

Finally we come to the section of its load capacity in which it is also below its rivals. The segment average is 468 liters and the FIAT500X cubes 350 liters of capacity.

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