How to Find My Car Location by GPS?

How to find a car by GPS? A few decades ago, these acronyms meant nothing to many people. Today it is difficult for you not to recognize them.

The Global Positioning System (GPS by its initials in English), in addition to finding exact addresses, gives you the possibility of locating your vehicle in seconds in case of theft. This technology has become one of the most effective methods to recover a stolen car, being used by many companies to keep their fleets located in real-time, especially in the case of transportation and delivery companies.

But not only is it a valuable resource for companies, but individual owners are increasingly integrating it into their cars as a safety measure.

How to install a GPS in a car?

Each model has its characteristics, but the process is relatively simple. The first thing to do is choose the location of the GPS tracker in your car. You can place it hidden in the glove compartment, under the dashboard (minis are ideal), under the seats, or even under the vehicle to avoid being found.

In the latter cases, it is advisable to use magnetized and waterproof models. One point to consider is whether you chose a battery-powered or vehicle-charged model. If it is the latter, make sure it is accessible for the cable to reach and well protected. Some models do not need installation; you have to connect it to the vehicle’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system and follow the configuration instructions. If you opt for a GPS with direct charge, You must have basic mechanics or electricity to install it yourself, following the manual. Otherwise, the idea is that you look for specialized personnel in a professional attention service.

How to find my car’s GPS?

You already know how to install a GPS in a car. But what if you have bought a vehicle that already has the device, and you have no idea where it is? If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering how to find my car’s GPS if it was not me who installed it.

First, start by doing a cursory search in the places where a GPS is usually located, starting with the dash and glove compartment. Second, you can use a portable AM ​​/ FM radio to try to detect interference. Pass the device around different places in the car. In case there is a GPS nearby, you will hear a sharp interference. However, not all devices can be detected this way, as some are set to a higher frequency. Third, you can search with a radio frequency detector.

How to find a car by GPS?

Most GPS devices work with a tracking platform or application, which you can access with a username and password. When you enter it, you can start the tracking by following some simple instructions.

Some accesses are free, but in some options, you must pay a monthly amount. Knowing how to locate a car by GPS will allow you to be at the forefront with this technology and with all the benefits it offers, whether in case of theft or loss or for any other purpose in which it is required to determine its exact location.

For example, many of these applications allow you to track in real-time from your cell phone and associate them with mail or text messaging. So you can receive alert messages when the vehicle goes out of a particular range.

Therefore, it is necessary that, in addition to knowing how to follow a car by GPS, you know the different applications and programs on the Internet for trackings, such as InstaMapper or Google Maps. You only have to register and follow the instructions.

As in almost all aspects that involve having a vehicle, you must take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of being a victim of a crime. Although GPS does not prevent it, it can be used to locate your car easily and quickly.

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