Test Drive Ford Maverick 2.0 Lariat FX4: See Our Full Report and Decide for Yourself!

In this opportunity we have to present one of the most important novelties on the market and it is not a set phrase, because we are talking about a completely new product in our market and in the world.

We refer to the Ford Maverick , which arrived in Argentina in 2021, a few months after its global launch. It is worth noting that the units that arrive in our country are the same as those sold in the United States, a market in which all stock for this year has already been sold out.

Since November 8, it has been sold in Argentina, in pre-sale, only with the savings plan modality and in two versions: XLT 4 × 2 and Lariat 4 × 4, both with a turbo gasoline engine. It became the entry of the range of Ford’s Strong Race family, ranking below Ranger.

The product had an almost instant acceptance in the public. The popular opinion of the people is quickly perceived on the streets, at first glance due to its unique exterior design that has the DNA of the oval brand, due to its features of robustness and temperament, without neglecting modernity.

However, the formula for success is not exclusively aesthetic, since it is based on the combination it presents, with the best of two worlds: the equipment, the interior space and the handling of an SUV, and the versatility and capabilities of a pick-up truck. up.

The aforementioned characteristics make regular customers of compact cars or SUVs turn to this product, which also has a substantial advantage. Being approved as a commercial vehicle, you pay less taxes.

The Maverick shares a platform with the Bronco Sport; It measures 5.07 meters long, 1.74 meters high and 1.97 meters wide. These dimensions make up a seductive silhouette. The exterior aesthetics, as you will see in the development of the test drive, is complemented by a high level of safety and comfort, and superior mechanics to that of its rivals.

The model could be said to be within the segment of the Fiat Toro, Renault Duster Oroch and the Chevrolet Montana that will arrive this year. They are light pick ups that are positioned below the medium ones (Ranger, Hilux, Amarok, S10) that have dominated the market for a few years. Although we must say that the Maverick greatly exceeds the power and in some equipment items compared to its “rivals”.

The arrival of this model in a new truck sub-segment marks the vertiginous growth of this type of product, which is no longer exclusive for work, but is also purchased for daily use, the outdoors, family trips and the Adventures.

Exterior Styling Ford Maverick Lariat 4×4

As we said in the presentation, the opinion of the street confirms that the exterior design has a high degree of acceptance, and what most caught our attention is that it is very popular among young people, in those who do not want to go unnoticed with their vehicle. .

At first glance, it has the characteristic features of Ford pick-ups, where the Strong Race is exhibited, imposing its presence, robustness and temperament. A salient feature of this product is the predominance of square shapes and right angles, like hallmarks.

The front area is absolutely different from everything we saw because chrome moldings cross the entire grill until they reach the LED technology lights. In the lower part, there are robust rescue hooks at the ends and an air intake in the center.

It does not have chrome inserts, nor marked wheel arches; the details appear in black plastics, but they are not abundant. It is a pick up that does not waste details or outstanding finishes, as it worships simplicity.

On the sides, it features a contour line along the front doors in homage to the side windows of the successful F Series. In turn, the exterior mirrors and door handles are body color.

The 225/65 R17 All Terrain tires suit it very well and are accompanied by 17” aluminum wheels with a black finish and a five-clamp format that give it a great personality.

In the rear area, it exhibits a traditional gate, with the classic elongated headlights of pick-ups. It shows individuality with an embossed area where the Maverick name is displayed and in the lower area the rescue hook.

If we compare it aesthetically with its rivals, Fiat Toro and Renault Duster Oroch, it is lower and seems better planted. In addition, it differs because the box is integrated into the set. The personality of the model is also given by the choice of its exclusive range of colors: Oxford Black, Panther Black, Velocity Blue, Mercury Grey, Cactus Gray and Silver Grey.

Interior Design Ford Maverick Lariat 4×4

Upon entering the Maverick we are surprised by an unconventional environment where what stands out the most is the combination of colors: brown, gray and some black. There are no classic lines or conservative formats. The quality of materials in general is very good, although we noticed the presence of some rigid plastics that over time can become marked by friction.

Its central touch screen is imposed with prominence accompanied by a hole to store a small object. Below continues the audio equipment and the climate control with its multiple physical commands. Then, between driver and passenger, near the turning wheel that makes the automatic transmission work, commands appear to select the driving mode, deactivate the stability and traction controls, among others.

The engine start button, which is located low down near the bottom tray, took some getting used to. Anyway, in a couple of days we already got into the habit of having to stretch our right arm a bit. The rest of the commands were placed intuitively.

We really liked the driving position as it has a very wide range of regulation. It allows to lower the seat well down and adjusts to all types of sizes. The adjustments (height, distance and inclination) of the seat are all electric. In addition, the steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth and that offers us greater comfort.

The rear roominess (it has a wheelbase of 3,076 mm) is good for passengers in the lateral seats, there are generous spaces towards the sides and a good distance towards the ceiling. The central position is a bit complicated because it interferes with the transmission tunnel and on the back there is a tray with coasters.

One of the concepts that defines this double cabin is practicality because there are slides, drawers, holes, bottle holders and cup holders everywhere. Another interesting detail is that the rubber mats have a surface and edges to prevent liquid from spilling inside.

Under the rear seats there are some swishes, with an interesting space to store large objects. A practical solution that adds storage spaces when we are embarking on a trip.

The cargo box features the FLEXBED design that allows it to be divided and organized as needed. It has the capacity to store objects on the sides and hooks to load different elements. The box protector (bedlinder) comes from the factory, but does not have a maritime canvas. In addition, the box has protective moldings on the top edges and the rear door.

The spare wheel is located under the cargo box and has the same measurements as the four rolling wheels, but it has a sheet metal rim. A minor detail, the important thing is that you will not have limitations to circulate if you have to use it.

Instrumental Ford Maverick Lariat 4×4

The instrument panel has two analog dials for the tachometer and speedometer, with large numbers and needles, in a conventional way. The fuel tank level gauge and engine temperature gauge are displayed as bars.

In the center there is a display for the on-board computer that is managed from the different commands located on the steering wheel. From there we operate the audio equipment, the cruise control, the telephony and we select different data such as total or partial mileage, instantaneous consumption and autonomy. In addition, it allows us to visualize the pressure that each of the tires has.

The percentage error of the speedometer was 0.8% , a value very close to the true value at 99 real when the speedometer shows 100, 119 when it shows 120 and 129 when it shows 130 km/h.

Equipment Ford Maverick Lariat 4 × 4

The new Ford pickup stands out for its comfort equipment and technological advances. Once again we have to emphasize that the model is equipped with practically the same level that is marketed in the United States. Follow the path of its older sisters Ranger, F-150 and Raptor.

Its 8” multi-touch screen displays all the functions of the SYNC 5 multimedia system, with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, to be able to mirror the functions of the smartphone in the vehicle. At this point, we could require that the connection be wireless.

From the screen you can operate different functions of the vehicle, the audio equipment that displays premium sound through six speakers, and observe the images from the rear view camera that are accompanied by color guides that mark proximity. It is easy to use and offers a good visualization, it does not take much to become familiar with this technological tool developed exclusively by Ford.

As a perfect example of the category of this Maverick, we tell you that it is equipped with engine start and shutdown through the Ford Power button. To enter the Maverick you can choose from the three ways it has to open its doors: unlock them remotely, by proximity or through the security key located on the upright.

The digital automatic climate control arrived with the necessary temperature in both seats to counteract the harshest days of heat that we experienced in January. We make an official claim. There is no output from the air conditioning for the rear seats. However, from the front you get to cool the entire interior.

On the other hand, we highlight the inclusion of an electric window on the rear window that allows us to communicate with the box. It also has a light that illuminates the cargo box that turns on when we open the doors or also turns on from a command.

For those traveling in the back, it has a USB and USB-C connection, just like those in the front, who also have a 12 V socket. In turn, in terms of comfort, it also has cruise control, the rotary gear selector in the form of a rotary wheel, an efficient ambient light and the auto-hold function.

It is difficult for us to find this Ford Maverick lacking in consideration because, as you may have seen, it is really complete. We believe that an electric sunroof and also an inductive cell phone charger, as the latest models launched on the market, and an air outlet for the rear seats, could be very useful.

Safety Ford Maverick Lariat 4×4

Over the years Ford has become a benchmark in terms of active and passive safety for general brands. It even incorporates driving assistance that some premium car companies offer as an option.

The new Maverick is no exception because it also includes the ADAS package called Ford Co-Pilot 360, which integrates semi-autonomous driving systems to provide comfort and protection. Among the systems that it includes, we especially highlight the Pre-Collision Assistant with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection that warns the driver of the possibility of a crash, and if he does not stop, automatically applies the brakes to avoid an impact with another vehicle or a possible run over.

The model also includes a high-resolution rear view camera that is located in the tailgate and shows the driver everything that is happening behind. It is very useful especially in parking maneuvers.

During our road tests we were able to test, at night, its automatic high beam control, which was automatically deactivated when a vehicle was coming from the front, to avoid dazzling the other driver. Although it does not have a blind spot sensor, it is equipped with exterior mirrors with concave mirror appliqués in the upper corner.

It draws our attention that the lane keeping control system is not included in this package.

In active safety, the multiple electronic assistants stand out to counter risk situations. We refer to the Stability and Traction Controls, the Hill Start Assist and the Electronic Descent Control that work in partnership with the four-wheel disc brakes.

In passive safety, the most important thing lies in the set of seven airbags, standing out the knee one for the driver and the surrounds (safety canopy) for the front and rear seats. They are complemented by the five height-adjustable head restraints, the three-point inertial seat belts and the ISOFIX anchorages.

Although Ford indicates that Maverick was designed with high-strength steel and programmed deformation zones, we cannot speak of its structural behavior since there are still no crash test records from any international organization.

Engine, transmission and behavior Ford Maverick Lariat 4 × 4

The big difference between the Maverick and its direct competitors can be found under the hood because it offers much greater potential than the Fiat Toro and the Renault Duster Oroch. Ford’s compact pick-up is equipped with a 2.0 Ecoboost turbo gasoline engine that produces 253 hp and delivers the maximum torque of 380 NM already from 3,000 rpm. It’s the same one used by the Bronco Wild Track.

The propellant is associated with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, with a torque converter, and a selector by means of a rotary wheel, being very well related. It does not have cams on the steering wheel to be able to use it sequentially.

Let’s go back to the engine. You have to remember to remember such an agile and spicy pick up. Its level of acceleration and the ability to make energetic starts are surprising; we could close our eyes and feel like we’re driving a Mondeo. Eye, we do not exaggerate. To give us an idea, in the acceleration tests from 0 to 100 km/h, it reached that speed in 6.94 seconds. An issue to highlight is the soundproofing, you can’t really hear it inside.

In terms of consumption on the road, it did not disappoint: at 100 km/h the fuel demand was 6.7 l/100 km with the engine turning at 1,700 rpm, at 130 km/h 9.7 l/100 km with the rev counter. at 2,200 laps. Now in the city, as expected, consumption rose to 13.1 l/100 km.

And speaking of fuel, if we open the fuel filler cap, it has a sticker that says “Only Naphtha Grade 2 or higher” and below another sticker that says “Ford recommends YPF Infinia”.

The behavior of this vehicle is outstanding and again we have to say that it looks like a sedan, due to the poise it presents when facing sharp curves and a balanced walk on the asphalt.

The five meters in length complicate parking maneuvers a bit. It is not easy to find a place for him. The rear view camera collaborates, although front and rear parking sensors could use it very well.

The driving comfort in the city is benefited by the independent suspensions that help to hide the imperfections of our streets. On the other hand, on the road, stability is very good, its low center of gravity due to its distance from the ground and its width allows it to take curves practically without rolling.

How does it respond off the asphalt? The Maverick has conditions to be able to travel on different terrains. In the first instance because it has an all-wheel drive system that is efficiently distributing the force on the wheels at all times as needed.

The mixed-use tires that it presents have a pattern that favors transit through adverse areas. On the other hand, it has a system that allows you to choose between different driving modes: snow, mud, sand. Depending on each modality, it modifies the parameters of the box, the traction and stability controls.

The selector has an L position that partially fulfills the functions of a Baja. It is very useful for facing heavily loaded slopes. Let’s remember that Maverick can carry 613 kilos and tow 500 kilos.

Despite what we mentioned, the Maverick has certain limitations for off-road handling due mainly to its low ground clearance (21.8 centimeters) and angle of attack (21.6 °). These conditions make it necessary to take certain precautions when facing steep slopes because some parts of the vehicle can be damaged, such as the plastic protections and the bumper, but on the other hand, it has a flat. Good thickness to protect the crankcase. On the other hand, it does not have a gearbox nor does it have a differential lock.

In conclusion, the Maverick has the ride of a comfortable car and the performance of a pick up to get off the asphalt. A more than tempting combination for any user of cars, SUVs or trucks.

The four-wheel disc brakes left us with a very good impression due to the distances with which they manage to stop this pick-up, taking into account that this type of tire does not favor grip on the asphalt, needing 39.4 meters to stop it completely . when we drive at 100 km/h. In turn, the power-assisted steering is a joy for city, highway and off-road driving.

The new Ford pickup presented these launch prices for its two versions: Maverick XLT ($3,929,000) and the top of the range, Lariat ($4,958,000). The factory warranty for this product is 3 years or 100,000 kilometers.

At the moment it can only be purchased through the Oval Plan modality. On the official page www.ford.com.ar you find the possibility of subscribing to an XLT plan, with 120 installments, whose initial amount is $46,480.

We look for the marketing values ​​of its direct rival, the Fiat Toro, to have a point of reference, and we find that they start from $3,608,000 for the 1.8 Freedom 4×2 AUT to $6,009,400 for the 2.0 Ultra 4×4 Diesel AUT.

To calculate the costs that their scheduled maintenance will have, we take the current values ​​of the gasoline Rangers services: 10,000 km ($19,130), 20,000 km ($18,930), 30,000 km ($27,650), 40,000 km ($16,940), 50,000 km ($16,940 ), 60,000 km ($26,110), 70,000 km ($16,940), 80,000 km ($16,940), 90,000 km ($26,110), 100,000 km ($16,940).

Below we detail the table with benefits and consumption:

Values ​​obtained with our performance measurement equipment
0 a 100 km/h 6,94 1119,71 m
0 a 100 m 6,20 94,43 km/h
0 a 200 m 9,54 121,92km/h
0 a 300 m 12,20 137,37 km/h
0 a 400 m 14,79 152,75 km/h
0 a 700 m 21,40 171,37 km/h
engine speed
Consumption Autonomy
a 100 km/h 1.700 6,7 l/100 km  km
a 120 km/h 2.000 8,5 l/100km km
a 130 km/h 2.200 9,7  l/100km km
Urban 13,1 l/100km km

Cubzauto Opinion: Ford Maverick Lariat 4×4

  • The Ford Maverick arrived to expand the oval brand’s pick-up portfolio and boost the compact pick-up segment, although it has little to do with its rivals, because, first of all, it offers an engine that provides power and superior performance. In addition, it has more technological and safety equipment, where the driving assistance that it inherits from its older sisters stands out.
  • It surprises with its original exterior design, which gives it personality and generates a high degree of acceptance among different types of customers. For its part, inside it does not disappoint, for quality and living conditions.
  • It is a solid and versatile vehicle. You will be able to enjoy it every day, and it will not disappoint you if you leave the asphalt like sand or mud, but you have to be careful not to get hung up on a dune in the deep ruts given its long wheelbase and its distance from the pegs. . In short, the Maverick can be a great adventure companion. A car converted into a pick up, a pick up that is enjoyed as a car.
  • Very good acceleration, stability in curves, consumption on the road at regulatory speeds, braking distance, habitability, equipment, good amount of storage spaces, box completely protected inside.
  • In the must we have some of the ADAS systems such as the Ranger, wireless cell phone charger, box cover, more ergonomic rear seats, parking sensors, maritime canvas and air outlet for rear seats.
 Features Ford Maverick Lariat 4×4
Motor four cylinder turbo gasoline
Displacement in cm3 1.999
Power hp/rpm 253/5.500
Maximum torque Nm/rpm 380/3.000
Maximum speed 175 km/h to 3,500 limited
weight in kg 1.748
Fuel tank capacity in liters 64
tires 225/65-17
Consumption at 100 km/h 6.7 l / 100 km
Consumption at 130 km/h 9.7 l / 100 km
urban consumption 13.1 l / 100 km
Price  4.958.000

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