There is Already a Date: The New Ford Ranger Raptor will be presented on February 22

Everything is going according to the plans of the brand: months after the presentation of the new-generation Ranger, Ford is going to unveil the most extreme version of the range, the renewed Raptor. Apart from the various spy photos published by various media over the past year, it was the US company itself that released a video teaser in late November that was expected to be presented in February, albeit without specifying an exact date. Finally, now he has it: his debut is on the 22nd of this month, so in just over a week.

Are you excited for Ford Ranger Raptor?

As in the previous video, a unit is shown with thick camouflage on its body, although the clearance, suspension and off-road tires next to the bulging wheel arches confirm that it is the Raptor. In this new generation, the kinship with the F-150 is more noticeable than ever, with a very similar appearance. As a quirk, while the pickup is accelerating on a dirt road, the roar of a petrol engine can be heard clearly, indicating that it is the North American version, whereas for other markets it would use a turbo diesel propellant, yes, much more powerful than the current one.

Let’s see what is known so far: Months ago, a test unit was photographed by the Automedia website, easily recognizable by its stance and raised suspension, circulating on the streets of an American city. Despite the camouflage that covered almost the entire body, some features already seen in other units could be observed: the front is inspired by the new F-150, consisting of huge enveloping headlights that continue the design of the grille and an appliqué in the center that divides the optics and forms a kind of C.

The size is slightly larger than the current T6, so we estimate it will grow a few millimeters in length, width and height, giving it a “mini F-150” image. In profile, the straight lines and somewhat more voluminous wheel arches are retained, while the headlights and rear trim should not deviate too much from what we already know. The Raptor adds specific bumpers with a wider angle of attack, suspension adjustments, off-road tires and more pronounced hood ribs.

According to the most recent rumors, the new Ranger Raptor will feature the well-known 3.0-litre V6 EcoBoost (biturbo petrol) with 400 hp, mated to the 10-speed automatic. It is practically double the power of the current version, although this configuration would only be available for North America, where this variant was not on the market until now. For Thailand and the rest of the markets – including our own – Ford would opt for the 253 CV V6 Power Stroke 3.0 (diesel) used in some versions of the F-150. It would also be mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission and 4×4 drivetrain with manual transmission and various selectable driving modes depending on the terrain.

As is already known, the new Ranger will be produced in Argentina from 2023 and the Raptor version is practically confirmed. What is not yet known is whether it will also be produced at the Pacheco factory or, like the current one, will arrive imported.

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