How to Get a Car Out of Sand?

How do sand, dust and mud affect the health of our car With the arrival of the Celia storm and the storm of sand and dust coming from the Sahara, the sky of most of the country has been painted orange, and our car. Another natural phenomenon taking over from Filomena (2021) that, like this … Read more

What Are Run Flat Tires? Pros and Cons (and how they work)

While you may not have heard of run-flat tires, they are not new to the automotive world. They were first used in the 1930s but have recently become more popular on today’s vehicles. With the reinforced sidewall design, a run-flat tire can support the weight of the vehicle after it loses air pressure, so you … Read more

What is An Alternator in a Car? and How Does it Work?

What is an alternator in a car? –-> The alternator is an element of the automobile’s electric circuit. It transforms mechanical energy into electricity and provides electrical power while the vehicle is in motion. fixmobily A bad alternator can cause voltage spikes or generate insufficient voltage. It is essential to repair it because, in the … Read more

How Much Does It Ac Leak Repair Cost In A Car 

Air conditioning and heating are one of your best friends on a hot summer day or cold winter night. Unfortunately, just like everything else, your air conditioner can break inconveniently. Air conditioning problems can have many causes; the number one reason an air conditioner is not working is one or more leaks in the system. … Read more