History Of DS: A Legacy of French Elegance and Luxury

Step into the World of DS

2009-2014 – A different spirit

In September 2009, Citröen announced a sub-brand of vehicles more focused on luxury and refinement. The acronym DS (Different Spirit) came to light with the 2010 launch of the DS3, a utility based on the Citröen C3. The main virtue of this little boy concerning his brother is the infinite possibility of customization, both in the range of exterior paints, equipment, or adhesives.

Later, the same concept applied to the DS4 returns. In 2011, the French manufacturer launched the DS5 on the market, a C-segment crossover minivan.

In September 2009, Citröen announced a new sub-brand that would focus on luxury and refinement. This sub-brand was named DS, which stood for “Different Spirit.” The first vehicle to carry the DS badge was the DS3, which was introduced in 2010.

The DS3 was based on the Citröen C3 but offered a higher level of customization compared to its sibling.

One of the standout features of the DS3 was its extensive range of exterior paint options, equipment choices, and adhesive designs. This allowed customers to personalize their DS3 according to their preferences and create a unique vehicle.

Building on the success of the DS3, Citröen applied the same concept to the DS4. The DS4 was launched in a later year, and it also offered a range of customization options for buyers.

In 2011, Citröen expanded the DS lineup with the introduction of the DS5. The DS5 was a crossover minivan that belonged to the C-segment. It combined the practicality of a minivan with the style and elegance associated with the DS brand.

During this period, the DS sub-brand gained recognition for its focus on luxury, elegance, and individuality. It aimed to provide customers with a premium experience that distinguished the DS models from the mainstream Citröen vehicles.

The years from 2009 to 2014 marked the beginning of DS as a separate brand within the Citröen umbrella. The DS3, DS4, and DS5 showcased French design flair, attention to detail, and a commitment to offering a refined driving experience.

These vehicles set the stage for the future of DS, establishing a legacy of French elegance and luxury that would continue to evolve in the years to come.

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