Difference Between Honda and Harley

Honda vs. Harley

Honda and Harley-Davidson are two major name brands when it comes to cars. Although they are more or less in the same industry, there are big differences between the two and the products they produce. The most important is the origin of each company, with Honda being a Japanese brand, while Harley-Davidson is an American brand.

There is also a big difference in the type of vehicles the two companies produce. Honda produces all kinds of cars, as well as all kinds of motorcycles; from 50cc scooters, to 1000cc cruisers, and even beyond. Harley-Davidson does not produce cars. They only produce motorcycles, mainly cruisers to be specific. But aside from motorcycles, Harley-Davidson also sells apparel commonly associated with riding a Harley motorcycle.

Honda and Harley have different approaches when it comes to building a motorcycle. Honda uses the latest technology that comes from its research to improve the performance, comfort and lower the cost of its bikes. On the other hand, Harley does little to no research when it comes to the technologies that go into their bikes. The massive appeal that Harley has right now is the retro look of their motorcycles and the reputation of being a Harley rider. This is why Harley is very slow to implement changes to new designs that deviate significantly from the existing models they currently have. For many riders, Harleys have attitude and personality, while some think most Japanese bikes, including Honda’s, are clinical.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Hondas have the upper hand, as their motorcycles can get much more out of each gallon of gas due to the multitude of technological upgrades they have implemented. Harleys are known to be heavy gas guzzlers and expect to visit their local gas station more often when you constantly ride your Harley.

Harleys are instantly recognizable due to the loud and distinct sound of their pipes. Due to Honda’s wide range of motorcycle types and ever-changing designs, you’re not likely to identify a Honda by sound alone.


1. Honda produces cars and motorcycles, while Harley only produces motorcycles.

2. Honda is a Japanese company while Harley is an American company.

3. Honda produces a wide range of motorcycles, while Harley focuses on cruisers.

4. Honda motorcycles have the latest technology, while most Harley motorcycles have outdated technology

5. Honda motorcycles have better gas mileage compared to Harleys

6. Harleys have a trademark sound while Hondas don’t

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