Difference Between Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf

Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf models

Two very popular car models are Honda’s Civic and Volkswagen’s Golf. The main difference between the Golf and the Civic is the body styling of the current models. The Golf is strictly a 5-door hatchback model. His appearance has become quite well known. In contrast, the 2012 Civic comes in either a sedan or a coupe. Although the previous year the Civic had hatchback models, it is absent this year.

When it comes to the engine, the Golf has an edge over the Civic. As a sportier model, the Golf’s engine selections are often larger displacement and have much more power than the Civic. Of course, with increased power and increased engine displacement, fuel consumption increases. Both in the city and on the highway, the Civic has a significantly higher fuel consumption. So you have a choice between power and savings.

Because the Golf is a sportier model than the more frugal Civic, its styling is also a bit more upscale than the Civic. Actual differences may vary from model to model, but you’re more likely to find leather trim, wheels, better spokes, better suspension, and the like on a Golf than a Civic. You’d also get better options in a Golf than a Civic.

One area where the Civic wins over the Golf is in the choice of engines. Not the displacement or the power, but with the types of fuel they use. With the Golf, you get the typical gas and diesel engines. You can also choose those with the Civic, but you have many more options. There are Civics that use natural gas, which is a cheaper and less polluting fuel source than gas or diesel. There’s also a hybrid model of the Civic, which gets significantly better fuel mileage.

The choice between the Golf and the Civic comes down to whether you want the best value for your money. The Civic is cheaper and gets more distance with every fill. But, it’s not as flashy or as powerful as the more expensive Golf.


  1. The Golf is a hatchback, while the Civic comes in a sedan or coupe.
  2. The Golf has higher horsepower engines than the Civic.
  3. The Civic gets better gas mileage than the Golf
  4. The Golf tends to have more upscale styling than the Civic.
  5. The Civic has more fuel options than the Golf.

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