How to Buy Your First Car?

Buying your first car is one of the most important decisions of your life. It represents a first achievement and a first great decision that will take you everywhere.

We guide you so that you do not skip a single step and make the wisest decision.

Step by Step: How to Buy Your First Car?

The first questions you must answer.

Before evaluating what your first car will be: recommendations, prices, or models, you must know well what you are looking for. How to determine which is the perfect car for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What use will you give it? Work, travel, investment assets, or family outings.
  • How often will you use it? Daily or eventually.
  • How many people will regularly occupy it? A large family, a couple, or just you.

Knowing these details will help you determine if a family SUV will suit you, a comfortable Sedan for your travels and work, or a Van for everything you need. In addition, you should evaluate the available budget and the opportunities that your dealership offers you.

Finally, remember the administrative requirements you will need, identity documents, registration procedures, and requested bank forms.

Most convenient dates to buy a car

For all kinds of products, there are high and low seasons on the market. You must evaluate each dealership’s promotional seasons and objectives very well, which tend to vary throughout the year.

However, dealers seek to exceed their sales targets in December, incentivizing it through promotions and discounts. Also, the month of September is usually ideal due to the arrival of new models and brands.

In addition, when it comes to used or pre-owned cars, the month of August is conducive to buying. The reason is that next year’s cars begin to arrive at dealerships, so the current year’s vehicles start to decrease in price.

Is it Better to Buy Car New or Used?

Is it better to buy it new or used?

Having considered the characteristics of your first car, recommendations regarding dates, and the type of use that you will give it, now you must think about your budget. In this sense, there are several attractive options for used, pre-owned, and new cars.

If you choose a new car:

Investigate the benefits of the dealer, not only during the sale but also after-sales services—for example, your warranties, maintenance service, agendas, financing, and insurance.

Research very well the reviews and opinions of the vehicle on the internet.

If you choose a used car:

Research the price range of the car you want to buy on the internet, so you will have an idea of ​​the maximum and the minimum that you can pay for it, and you will have a basis to negotiate with the seller.

Ask the seller for all the car’s history, mileage, maintenance history, pending repairs, previous owners, etc. Conveniently, a mechanic accompanies you to this first meeting.

In short, if you were wondering where to buy your first car, paying attention to the previous points will help you take an easier path.

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