Test Drive Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

The year 2022 has just started, but it already imposes a dizzying pace on us to be able to bring you the latest news that were officially launched the previous year in Argentina. On this occasion, we present the new Jeep Compass, which shares a platform and several components with the Fiat Toro, and is manufactured in the plant that the Stellantis group has in Pernambuco, Brazil.

In the course of this note, we aim to show you that the Compass 2022 is not a simple restyling, but a profound renovation of a model that has become a bestseller in Argentina since its inception.

It arrived on our market in 2017 and, from that moment until now, 11,500 units were sold. It didn’t take long for this C-segment SUV, symbol of the seven-slot brand, to lead its competitive segment.

A category with strong rivals where today its main opponents, due to price and origin, are the Toyota Corolla Cross and Taos, also produced in the region. But products such as Ford Territory, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V, among others, also join the competition.

Why do we say that it is not a simple renewal? In the first place, because the frontal redesign is profound and the interior changes give it greater quality and sophistication, always preserving the original adventurous spirit of the brand.

There is a new engine that comes to replace its classic gasoline engine, incorporates technology applied to comfort and connectivity, improves its functionalities, and adds new driving assistance to deepen semi-autonomous driving. All this places it as an undisputed benchmark among Sport Utilties.

It is not that we want to convince you, but believe us that we are on the verge of a great product, which is already sold in the local market with a varied range made up of five versions, two engines, front and integral traction. On this occasion, we tell you all its news, from the wheel of the Limited Plus version.

Exterior styling Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

In times when many vehicles resemble each other, repeating formulas and copying formats, it is not uncommon to find a model with its own identity and a personality that remains unchanged over the different generations and restylings.

That happens to us every time we try a Compass, because it has an unmistakable stamp, through strokes, angles and lines that define it as a quality product. There’s a reason people turn around when they see it go by and say, “It’s a Jeep.”

Where are the changes? We almost had to use a private investigator to find them. Anyway, we grab the magnifying glass and tell you. We start with what surprised us the most: its huge 19” wheels, with a particular format of interlocking bars that give it a more stately air than an all-terrain one.

On the front area it exhibits some touches especially in the lower area. LED headlamps replaced the previous halogen and xenon ones. The grille adds chrome inserts surrounding each of those seven characteristic slots. Although the most profound renovation is found in the bumper, with a new frame for the fog lights attached to the lower air intake.

On the sides, a new chrome trim extends over the windows and continues around the rear window. Since we went to the rear sector, there are no major changes, it maintains its headlights (with LED technology) and the homogeneous and discreet tailgate.

We forgot another novelty, on the left sector they put the acronym T270, which refers to the maximum torque that the vehicle can offer, a fashion that several automakers are incorporating.

The dimensions of its silhouette did not change: 4,404 mm long, 1,819 mm wide and 1,632 mm high. In turn, the wheelbase is 2,636 mm. The novelty is its angle of attack that went from 16° to 21°, an increase of 33%.

Interior styling Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

We find a comfortable, technological and pleasant cabin, where airplane-style soundproofing reigns and natural lighting that is fully enjoyed thanks to its enormous panoramic roof. We do not discover anything if we tell you that the level of finishes and materials of a Jeep is premium level. In this new Compass there is no exception because that quality remains unchanged.

There is a proportionate combination between modernity, elegance and sobriety. Although grays predominate, there are sectors of quilted materials, piano black, chrome inserts and leather with delicate double seams.

The habitability offers real comfort conditions for four adults and one child to travel, thanks to a wheelbase of 2.64 meters. The front seats are ergonomic and comfortable. Both have electrical adjustments, including lumbar.

The height adjustment of the driver’s seat is very wide, reaching 12 cm  between the lowest and the highest position, while in the rear seats if we consider a driver of 1.75 m in height and a passenger of the same size, the distance from the knees to the back of the front seats is  16 cm and 6  cm  to the ceiling.

The rear seats have seats that can be folded and also reclining backrests. In this area there is an outlet for the air conditioner, a USB port, which can be used to charge the cell phone, and a 230-volt and 12-volt outlet.

The driving position allows you to make long trips without the experience becoming torture and with that we tell you everything. Multiple adjustments allowed us to quickly find the best position. In turn, we drive almost everything from the new, grippy, beautifully designed steering wheel that brings together multiple buttons and small transmission paddles.

The new 10” ​​multimedia screen takes center stage in the renewed center console, with images and graphics of impeccable fidelity. It has the right location so as not to interfere and, at the same time, to be at hand and in sight of whoever drives.

The driving position allows you to make long trips without the experience becoming torture and with that we tell you everything. Multiple adjustments allowed us to quickly find the best position. In turn, we drive almost everything from the new, grippy, beautifully designed steering wheel that brings together multiple buttons and small transmission paddles.

The new 10” ​​multimedia screen takes center stage in the renewed center console, with images and graphics of impeccable fidelity. It has the right location so as not to interfere and, at the same time, to be at hand and in sight of whoever drives.

Another point in favor is that under the trunk lid we find a spare wheel of equal dimensions and the same tire as the four wheels. We were already tired of always finding temporary aid.

Instrumentation Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

The big news for this Limited version is that the dashboard is now 100% digital: impeccable graphics, fonts, colors and images. In addition, it allows us to configure it according to our tastes and needs. We, being traditional, prefer the classic speedometer and tachometer format expressed in two large circular dials.

To give you an idea of ​​what this true mini information center can offer, we tell you that you can access the coolant, transmission and oil temperature. Also, oil pressure and battery charge, among others.

We measure the speedometer error; according to our accuracy tests, at 100 km/h from the instrument, it was 97 km/h real; at 120 km/h it was actually 117 km/h and at 130 km/h, the actual speed was 127 km/h; yielding an average error of 2.6% .

Equipment Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

There is much to tell you in this area, so we hope we do not forget anything. Access to the interior of the Compass is hands-free, and the motor is turned on and off via a button that is well hidden behind the lever for activating the windshield wipers. In addition, the engine can be started remotely through the key. The doors and the trunk can be opened remotely, but it also has central locking of doors, mirrors and glass.

The new 10.1” media center is one of the largest and most intuitive we tested. We really liked the image quality of the rear view camera, the information it provides and how easy it is to use. It incorporates wireless connection, Android Auto and Apple Car Play. For its part, the version we tested comes equipped with an inductive smartphone charger.

The Compass brings together a series of sensors that collaborate directly with the driver, such as parking, rain (automatically turn on the windshield wipers when it detects the presence of drops) and twilight (activates the lighting).

Rear visibility is a complexity due to the glass surface that the rear window presents, although it is perfectly compensated by the parking sensors, the rear view camera and the blind spot assistant. The renewed model has a parking aid system, called Park Assist, which finds the place to leave it parked and collaborates with the maneuver.

Separate paragraph for the panoramic roof, very wide 1.22 meters by 0.87 meters. It has a curtain, opens in two positions and occupies almost the entire length of the Compass. Traveling at night is like having a preferential audience in the planetarium. You can complement the VIP experience with a good selection of music to sample the incredible fidelity of your Beats premium sound system.

The equipment is complemented by a very powerful dual-zone automatic climate control that has outlets for the rear seats. Freeze the Compass if you don’t set it right. In addition, it comes with adaptive cruise control, ideal for long trips, but beware, do not relax too much.

Safety Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

In the level of protection, the Jeep Compass is also a benchmark both in the prevention of risk situations, crashes and rollovers, as well as if a collision occurs. Let’s start with the most outstanding that currently are driving assistance systems (ADAS), as this is how international security organizations value them because they provide a level of semi-autonomous driving that saves lives.

In this aspect, it is equipped with the traffic and collision alert that activates the autonomous braking if we do not react to the alarm signals, showing an alert on the dashboard added to several beeps. For its part, the new Compass can detect the driver’s fatigue or tiredness and also the blind spots that occur in lateral visibility.

This C-segment SUV also brings lane keeping control, alerting us if we deviate from the path defined by the lines that define the different lanes of routes and highways.

Two features we found invaluable when driving at night: the cornering directional headlights and the automatic lighting system. In turn, it features front and rear fog lights, and xenon headlights.

Within active safety, the most important thing is centralized in the stability, traction and tire pressure controls. In addition, it has a hill start help system.

In relation to passive safety, it comes equipped with a complete set of seven airbags, including the one that protects the driver’s knee in the event of a crash. For its part, the retention systems are made up of front and rear inertial seat belts, active front head restraints and ISOFIX anchorages for child safety seats.

Engine, transmission and equipment Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2

Jeep joins the trend in the automotive industry to present low-displacement engines and good performance. A few decades ago, thinking of a model of the brand with a propellant of less than two liters seemed utopian. Today the Compass that we tested is equipped with a 1,332 cm3 gasoline engine, with a single overhead camshaft, 16 valves, variable distribution and a turbocharger.

With this mechanical set, it manages to deliver a power of 175 CV at 5,750 rpm and reach a maximum torque of 270 Nm at 1,850 rpm. It is worth noting that this propeller has a timing chain and not a belt, which means considerable savings in maintenance costs.

As we always do, we test the acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h achieving 10.08 seconds; half a second month when we tested the previous Compass with the 2.4-liter drive. In the reprise or overtaking tests from 80 to 120 km/h it also produced a good result of 6.94 seconds.

The engine is one of the latest Jeep developments and has some technical advantages that favor its performance: aluminum block, air cooling and electric thermostat. So far everything that has to do with theory, but let’s go to consumption and what we thought, what we felt in the testing period.

At 100 km/h when the tachometer showed 1,900 rpm consumption was 6.4 l/100 km, and at 130 km/h 8.8 l/100 km; while in the urban area the weight of the vehicle penalizes throwing 12.1 l/100 km.

In terms of behavior, the reactions are observed at 1,900 rpm where the maximum torque begins and the turbo shows all its power. This engine that we talk about so much is coupled to a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission, with a torque converter and steering wheel paddles. It is not as fast as we would like, but it works correctly.

The new Compass is neither a sports car nor an adventurer. If you are looking for a city car, for every day, and that does not disappoint you on long trips, it will be a correct decision. The gasoline version lost options with all-wheel drive, so there is no room for adventure. Forget about climbing dunes or riding through thick mud, although the high ground clearance and generous approach and departure angles may tempt you; the profile of the covers, the lack of protection plate. they don’t help either.

Driving comfort in the city has its pros and cons. In favor, the independent front and rear suspensions that give it smoothness when passing through the streets. On the contrary, the 19” and 45 profile tires are very sensitive when they go through potholes or areas of deteriorated asphalt.

In dynamic behavior it proves to be a stable, plumb, firm SUV. What you ask does, you can trust this Compass, which is tall and heavy, but can be moved freely without taking risks. Of course, the electronic assistants that it presents and the driving aids are also fundamental.

The electric power steering is correct, it responds when you need it. It helped us with parking in tight spaces, as did the rear camera and sensors. For its part, we expected a better response from the disc brakes on all four wheels, reaching 43.5 meters to stop it completely when we drive at 100 km / h.


The analyzed version of the Jeep Compass, Limited Plus, has an official price valid for the month of February of $7,132,000. The warranty for the entire range is three years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

MOPAR, the aftermarket service company for the seven-slot brand, subsidizes the first three scheduled maintenance on this version of the Compass, with which the owner begins to pay for the fourth service ($25,700) and the fifth service ( $31,600).

Below we detail the table with benefits and consumption:

Values ​​obtained with our performance measurement equipment
0 a 100 km/h 10,08 169,85 m
0 a 100 m 7,34 83,42 km/h
0 a 200 m 11,13 105,71 km/h
0 a 300 m 14,19 119,96 km/h
0 a 400 m 17,04 132,42 km/h
0 a 1.000 m 31,42 173,62 km/h
Velocidad Régimen motor Consumo Autonomía
a 100 km/h 1.900 6,4 l/100 km 937 km
a 120 km/h 2.300 7,4 l/100km 810 km
a 130 km/h 2.500 8,8  l/100km 681 km
Urbano 12,1 l/100km 495 km
Recovery from 80 km/h to 120 km/h
En D 6,94 seg

Jeep Compass MY2022 Limited T270 AT6 4×2 Review

  • We tested the Compass update and concluded that it is much more than that. On the one hand, we consider it a step backwards that it does not bring an option with all-wheel drive to honor its adventurous instinct.
  • The product starred in an evolution. What was good he did a touch up, we mean the exterior and interior design. The mechanics were updated with a low-displacement engine and good performance.
  • Good equipment, even enriched it.
  • In security it maintains a very high level that positions it among the best.
  • It added technologies applied to connectivity that is highly required today.
  • It owes us a greater trunk capacity and better braking since it is somewhat long despite all the assistance systems and its four disc brakes.
  • In short, a high-quality vehicle that will continue to be successful, with solid arguments to fight in the competitive segment of midsize SUVs, where it wins in more items than it loses.

Features Jeep Compass Limited T270 AT6 4×2

Motor four cylinder turbo gasoline
Displacement in cm3 1,332
Power hp/rpm 175/5,750
Max torque Nm/rpm 270/1,850
Maximum speed 190km/h
weight in kg 1966
Fuel tank capacity in liters 60
tires 235/45-19
Consumption at 100 km/h 6.4l/100km
Consumption at 130 km/h 8.8l/100km
urban consumption 12.1l/100km
Price in pesos 7,132,000

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