Jeep Renegade MY2022 Review: Updated Look and 1.3 Turbo Engine Across the Range

It was one of the most anticipated updates since it became known that the brand was working on a new facelift for its highly successful B-SUV and it has finally just been presented in Brazil: Jeep unveiled the first images of the Jeep Renegade MY2022 with some aesthetics running out all the more technology and a new and unique motorization.

Jeep Renegade MY2022 Review: Updated Look and 1.3 Turbo Engine Across the Range – Click Here!

At the design level, the changes are, as expected, subtle: in the front sector, the mask that connects the headlights and the grille has been slightly redesigned – now it’s thinner – and the LED headlights, which control the direction indicators in the ring of the MVO and it follows the contours of the optic. Below that, the bumper was completely redesigned, with straighter lines, new fog lamps and a more prominent bumper.

In this case, it should be noted that it is the Trailhawk version, which always had a specific bumper, with a larger angle of attack and tow hooks. In profile there are no very significant changes, only the mirror housing -with a graphite frame- and the design of the alloy wheels, while at the rear the headlights have been updated and now have a more three-dimensional format, keeping the X design The bumper is new, with a larger buffer zone, tow bar and extra lighting at the ends.

Jeep Renegade MY2022 Review

Following the same formula from the outside, there are also changes inside, but quite specific: it featured the 100% digital instruments inherited from the Fiat Toro and a new 8.4-inch screen for the Uconnect multimedia system.

The air conditioning commands have not changed, which are still two-zone and add the brand’s new steering wheel, released in the Compass restyling and in the new Commander. In a video you can see the commands of the Lane Keeping system and the adaptive cruise control, two of the driving assistants that the B-SUV will integrate.

The big news is the motorization: goodbye to the well-known 1.8 eTorQ of 130 CV -at least in Brazil- and the turbo diesel 2.0 Multijet of 170 CV, its place is taken by the modern Firefly 1.3 turbo of 175 CV and 270 Nm that will be available across the range. All will have the 6-speed automatic, except for the Traihawk, which will keep the 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Jeep Renegade MY2022 Review

This was a first official step forward for the US company, as the commercial launch for Brazil is planned between January and February. Some time later it will arrive in our country, with a range and equipment to confirm.

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