Difference Between Jeep Wrangler Sahara and Sport

Jeep Wrangler Sahara vs Sport

The Jeep is probably one of the most iconic vehicles in the world today and is highly recognizable even from afar. The Wrangler is one of the current models produced by the company and comes in a variety of trim levels such as Sport and Sahara. The main difference between the Sahara and the Sport is their level of equipment. The Sport is the basic model and comes with the most basic necessities. The Sahara sits just above the Sport and comes with a few minor upgrades. When it comes to performance, the two are virtually identical, as they both have the same engine, transmission, and the like.

The most noticeable improvement on the Sahara is the bigger and wider tire it has. Instead of the sport’s 16-inch wheels, the Sahara has 18-inch wheels that are a half-inch wider. Of course, larger tires perform better off-road and the increased width gives you better on-road traction.

The Sahara also comes with a key fob for remote keyless entry, which the Sport sadly lacks. It also has a panic button that will automatically kill the engine; Very useful in case of emergencies. If you want to get them on the Sport, you must pay an additional cost to the base price of the vehicle. The Sahara’s entertainment system has also been upgraded a bit. To complement the AM/FM radio you’ll find in Sport and other vehicles, Sahara is equipped with Sirius satellite radio. The number of speakers has also increased from 6 in the sport to 7 in the Sahara. Lastly, the Sahara’s side mirrors are heated and can be controlled remotely. The latter is just a matter of convenience, but the former can be very useful if you live in cold climates.

Virtually every upgrade on the Sahara can be had on the Sport through premium add-ons. If you like the barebones model, the Sport is right for you. Still, if you’re getting all the options, you’d probably have to pay for both Sport and the base Sahara.


  1. The Sahara is only one level higher than the Sport
  2. The Sahara comes with larger and wider tires than the Sport.
  3. The Sahara has a key fob while the Sport does not.
  4. The Sahara has a slightly better entertainment system.
  5. The Sahara has better side mirrors than the Sport.

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