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Company Name Lemon Squad Mobile Auto Inspections Illinois
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Comment NOTE: Potential customers, please look at multiple review sites and read the review and lemon squad response before enlisting their services. Had I gone into this with a critical eye, I would have seen a company who deflects complaints, charges for services that may not be properly rendered and chosen to go elsewhere. Buyer beware.

I wish I trusted these reviews before enlisting the services of Lemon Squad as I feel completely taken advantage of. If you don't want to read all the details, my advice is to find a local mechanic/shop if you're looking for a comprehensive inspection as these guys seem to do the bare minimum and nothing more.

I had been searching for a very specific model of BMW, a Z3 M Coupe, and after finding what I felt to be a good vehicle for the price and my intended purpose, arranged with the buyer for a pre-purchase inspection before flying out to get the car. Since this particular car has a few major issues that are not uncommon and fairly expensive to remedy, I even went so far as sending a link detailing them in the event that the mechanic wasn't familiar with this particular model. The inspection report came back with no glaring problems so I went ahead and proceeded with purchase (my first indication something was wrong was when they didn't include photos of the main problem area, the rear sub-frame).

The car drove fine on the long drive home but I did notice it was a quart or so low on oil when that trip ended. This past weekend was the first time I was able to put the car on jack stands and actually get under it to do my first full inspection, I was shocked and disappointed in what I saw.

The first thing I noticed was that the rear subframe of the car is starting to separate from the trunk floor and there was a fracture starting to develop in the rear differential mount. This is a known trouble area with these cars and is about $2500 to fix (it involves cutting out the trunk floor and welding in reinforcements).

The second major repair I'm now facing is replacing the head gasket (another $2000 or so to fix) as there is a leak near cylinder head 6 (another common problem with this particular car/engine combo).

I simply don't feel that I got what I paid for with this PPI as these are 2 major issues and were spotted within minutes of getting under the car. Had I known of either of these problems post-inspection and pre-purchase, I would have attempted to negotiate a significant discount or walked away from the deal.

I tried contacting Lemon Squad and they dismissed my concerns without even wanting to hear what happened. They first implied that it could have happened in the 3 months following the inspection (the car was driven 4 times total so I highly doubt it). When I asked for someone to contact and at least share my experience they cited their terms and conditions and ended the support chat.

I will NEVER use or recommend Lemon Squad services again. What a poor excuse for a company.

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