Leo's Mobile Auto Repair in Aurora, Illinois, USA

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Company Name Leo's Mobile Auto Repair
Category Car Service Station
Pluscode QMGR+CX Aurora, Illinois, USA
Address Aurora Ave, Aurora, IL 60505, United States
City Aurora, Illinois, USA
Province United States
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Business Claim No
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Telephone +1 630-802-7479
Latitude 41.7760455
Longitude -88.30751
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Review Section
Average Rating 3.3
User: GoodMoodFoodDude
Comment So… Here's my story. Wednesday, November 4th, 2020, I broke down southbound highway 39 in my motorhome. I called Tony's mobile auto repair, he met me on the side of the highway, asked that I be towed to the Pilot gas station 5 miles back from where I'd just come from. He said he ordered me parts from his diagnosis, told me the price and said he'd show the next day, Thursday to help me out. He flaked, didn't show. So, I call this guy, Leo, the next day, Friday the 6th. Leo didn't answer first call, but called me back 15 minutes later and Leo tells me he's busy that day and the next, and that he didn't work on Sundays, so he could be there to help me first thing Monday morning, the 9th. I tell Leo I was very thankful for giving myself and my family hope to get back on the road, especially, considering what had already happen to me with Tony. I didn't bother Leo anymore on Friday, nor Saturday, but I did text him on Sunday, the 8th to confirm that he'd be there the next day to help us out. He text me back, "yes." Needless to say, Just like the review from two days ago and also just like Tony's mobile auto repair, nothing. Leo completely flaked on me as well. I just don't understand. It's 2020 and we all have camera phones, and we all can leave google reviews, you're not going to get away with being a shady person. I will be also be reporting Leo along with Tony to the BBB. This guy may show for you, he may not, but good luck with your chances! Leo even went as far as to say, my google reviews are great and I'm reliable. Looks like Leo is on a downslide with his google reviews, last week he was at a 4.8 star, not anymore Leo. GL with your business and good luck with anyone who needs help, God bless you all!
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