In study: BMW Group Argentina analyzes the arrival of the MINI Cooper SE Electric and Countryman Plug-in Hybrid

AND2022 marks the start of the electrification of the BMW Group in our country. This was anticipated by the company’s directors during the presentation of the financial results and balance sheet, which was prepared online and simultaneously with other countries in the region. In addition to this announcement, the local subsidiary has already unveiled the products chosen for this first phase: the MINI Cooper SE electric and the Countryman SE -plug-in hybrid-, although they are still under study.

MINI Cooper SE Electric

The MINI Cooper SE -electric, which was presented worldwide in July 2019 and is already on sale in Mexico and Brazil, is developed on the 3-door body and has an electric motor that delivers 184 hp and 270 Nm of torque – figures very similar to those of for example, a diesel engine, but without any kind of emissions. This motor is mated to a set of lithium-ion batteries located under the floor of the vehicle, providing enough energy to drive between 235 and 270 kilometers on a single charge. Its installation has been studied so thoroughly that, unlike other cars with electric versions, it does not affect the capacity of the trunk, which remains at 211 liters.

In addition to using a conventional plug, there are two alternatives for charging: an 11 kW wallbox with which 80% of the batteries can be charged in two and a half hours (it takes another hour to reach 100%) or a charging system speed of up to 50 kW , which reduces the waiting time to just 35 minutes to also reach 80%. In addition, like any electric car, it offers a driving mode that allows energy to be recovered on two levels during braking. This makes it possible to control the vehicle with one pedal – without using the brake. In terms of performance, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 150 km/h, limited so as not to affect its autonomy.

Aesthetically, the SE differs from the rest of the range in some very special details: the grille is covered – as no radiator is needed for cooling – and it has two fluorine yellow bars. It also has 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels with a new design and, as expected, different fluorine applications.

Inside the doors, the application of this striking tone is also present on the dashboard and specific instruments, with information on autonomy, battery level and other parameters. Another special feature is that it has a heating system with a heat pump that recovers excess heat from the engine, transmission and battery.

On the other hand, the suspension was developed and received a specific tuning for this version. In addition, the height has been increased by 18 mm, although the center of gravity is lower than on a conventional MINI Cooper.

For its part, the MINI Cooper SE electric Countryman ALL4 is the plug-in hybrid variant of the SUV. It has a three-cylinder engine – Otto cycle, unlike other hybrids that use the Atkinson cycle – of 1.5 liters, turbocharged, developing 136 hp, coupled with an 88 hp electric motor, adding a total of 224 hp and is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

With its lithium-ion battery, it reaches a range of up to 42 kilometers in 100% electric mode and reaches a maximum speed of 125 km/h without the intervention of the combustion engine. By integrating this hybrid technology, according to official data, you achieve a very low consumption of only 2.1 l/100 km. This battery has a capacity of 7.6 kWh and can be charged with a special wallbox in 2.15 hours or in 3.15 hours via a conventional socket.