Difference Between Moped and Scooter

Moped vs Scooter

There is a bit of confusion when it comes to mopeds and scooters; Partly due to the fact that many people use the terms quite loosely and often interchangeably. In reality, there are important differences between a moped and a scooter that can affect their use; The largest is displacement. Mopeds were created to provide a very economical mode of transportation. Therefore they have very small engines, typically below 100cc. Although scooters with engines around 100cc are also very common in many parts of the world, you can also get scooters with much larger engines; Going up to 800cc or more. This directly translates into more power to accelerate, haul more items up steep grades, and maintain much higher speeds.

Probably the most noticeable difference between a moped and a scooter is the footboard, also commonly known as a floorboard in the latter. This is very convenient for the ladies as it allows them to wear skirts and still drive. Mopeds have a backbone which is basically a large diameter metal tube that connects at the neck of the moped and runs down to the engine. This forces the driver to spread his legs.

Another notable difference is the inclusion of pedals, although some mopeds do not have them. The pedals reveal how mopeds came to be, as they were initially bicycles equipped with small motors. The pedals are often used to start the engine, but on some models they can also be used to propel the vehicle forward should it run out of gas. Scooters do not have such pedals and rely entirely on their gasoline engine.

A major limitation of mopeds is that they are not allowed on the main roads in many countries. Due to their small displacement engines and very low top speed, they can pose a risk to the driver and other drivers in areas where other vehicles are moving at high speeds. Scooters, especially maxi-scoots, can easily traverse even highways. On the other hand, regulations on the operation of mopeds are more relaxed, and the minimum age is often lower compared to scooters.


1. Mopeds have smaller displacement engines than scooters. 2.Racers have a floorboard while mopeds don’t. 3.Cyclists may have pedals while scooters do not. 4. Motorcycles are not allowed on main roads, but scooters are.

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