Hybrid Cars 2023 | Buying Guide | Comparative

Hybrid cars are an interesting purchase option in some cases. These are cars that combine two engines, one internal combustion (conventional) and the other electric, powered by batteries that are recharged during braking and deceleration. They have been on the market for years and, although they are not yet a majority purchase option, they already have a … Read more

What is the maximum speed allowed to drive with a cookie wheel?

Changing a flat tire is something most of us as drivers have done at least once in our lives. Usually it’s just putting on the spare tire and continuing our journey. Unfortunately, for years, cars have chosen to be an annoying kit anti-leakage. Fortunately, some come with a spare wheel. But not one like the … Read more

5 Reason of Steering Vibrations (low speeds, high speeds, brakes)

Cars should run smoothly and smoothly at all times, especially if you are driving on a relatively good road. However, you have probably experienced steering vibrations at some point, and that is completely normal. Many components used in road vehicles require replacement and it is not uncommon for a certain part to break down or … Read more

Is it safe to drive with “bump in tire?

As a diligent and attentive car owner, it is now a common practice to check the car from time to time before driving. Put yourself in that situation, and as you do the relevant checks, you notice that one of the tires is sort of like package, a “bump” or “egg” on the flank. At … Read more

What are the Most Reliable Cars (makes and models)

People can look at the design, the technology or even the power of a vehicle. But one of the recurring questions is undoubtedly whether a car is going to cause problems. Reliability can sell and deduct bad fame. Thus, while the way a vehicle is used and maintained is critical to its reliability, rankings of … Read more