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Difference Between Nissan Maxima SE and SL

Nissan Maxima SE vs SL

The Nissan Maxima has two popular trim options, the SE and SL. The main difference between the SE and SL is their look and feel. The SE is the sporty model that aims to provide a more aggressive look, while the SL is the luxury model that focuses more on creature comforts and a sleeker look.

It’s easy to tell the SE and SL models apart, as the former has larger 18-inch wheels compared to the 17-inch wheels on the SL. The SE is also easier to spot because of its rear spoiler. The SL does not include a spoiler.

But once you get in the car, you can see the advantages of the SL model. Most notably, the SL model has all leather seats, which makes it considerably more upscale than the cloth seats you get with the SE. It should also be better with accidental liquid spills. Another thing to note is the wood trim on the SL that isn’t on the SE model.

One thing to look out for, if you want the best of both rolled into one, is the upgrades offered by the dealer. Of course, upgrading the SE to also have SL features will cost you a bit more than either model.

Either way, you still get a great car with the exact same tech specs, as both cars are actually identical under their skins. Both the SE and SL have the same 3.5L V6 engine that is capable of producing 290bhp along with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). The handling is also the same as both cars have the same suspension system.


1.The SE is the sport model, while the SL is the luxury model. 2.The SE has 18-inch wheels, while the SL has 17-inch wheels. 3.The SE has a spoiler while the SL does not. 4.The SL has wood trim and leather seats, while the SE does not. 5. SE can be upgraded to have SL features,



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