Oahu Mobile Mechanics :

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Company Name Oahu Mobile Mechanics
Category Car repair and maintenance
Business Hour Friday, 9am to 3pm; Saturday, 9am to 3pm; Sunday, 9am to 3pm; Monday, 9am to 3pm; Tuesday, 9am to 3pm; Wednesday, 9am to 3pm; Thursday, 9am to 3pm
Business Claim No
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Telephone +1 808-670-1615
Website oahumobilemechanics.com
Latitude 21.4763274
Longitude -157.944971
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Average Rating 1.7
User: Reza Heidari
Comment Now days some individuals get scanner and says he is a mechanic. My son called this guy for engine light and misfire from a cylinder. He hooked his scanner and says the injector and says to add additive to fix the issue. And then asks for $80 My son added the additive and drove the car for several hours. No changes. He also paid him $25 instead of $80 until the problem at least fixed. But the issue for sure was not the injector at all. I called him to discussed. He was very rude and started to insult. Because I am very much aware of any mechanical issues in cars, , I realized he really isn't a professional mechanic other than someone who perhaps watched Youtube and bought a scanner and thinks he can fix cars. He even forgot to put the engine cover back on and my son had to look for the screws for hours. Honestly, I am thinking to find out where has obtain any qualifications who could call himself a mobile mechanic.

Of course he could be a mechanic in south America where he said he is from but maybe in South America the cars are not as advanced as they are in Hawaii. Anyway, he has been sending my son message and harassing my son which I may press charges for his behaviour as soon as I get back from a trip. I believe whoever hire him in the future will find out the truth. I tried sending him messages for his harassments but he has blocked after his insults. Lastly, in a text message my son asked him his charges before he comes to look at the car, he never responded to his message but showed up at our door. The car never was fixed and in fact my son listen to his advise and spent money to buy an additive which never worked.

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Total Review 6

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