Difference Between Outback and Legacy

Outback vs. Legacy

When buying a Subaru, the difference between an Outback and a Legacy is more than just price. While the base price of the Outback is about $3000 more than the Legacy, this is usually not enough to be the determining factor, especially when considering options and financing options.

The Subaru Legacy is most popular with sedan drivers, while the Outback is the preference for those looking for SUV capabilities. Each car has received upgrades over the years, but the Legacy has received the most upgrades when it comes to ride smoothness and road feel.

Legacy comes with more options to improve daily performance. While both of these vehicles are great for traveling in the snow, and can handle a lot of winter weather, it seems the Legacy has had a little more thought given to the fun idea of ​​those spring and summer drives.

The Outback has a redesigned interior that exudes machismo in many ways, while at the same time offering better legroom and seating for rear passengers. For the family on the go, the Outback gives you more options and has the potential to pack up and go.

The Outback has historically not sold as well as the Legacy, in part due to the lack of an available turbo engine in the wagon. The Legacy tends to be a bit more popular, but since owners tend to hang on to these cars well past the 300,000-mile resale value, they’re all on the same playing field.

Both cars are made in the USA, with a very good reputation for creating little waste and recycling materials used in the construction of these cars. Fuel efficiency tends to be somewhat better for the Outback, especially if the turbo engine is chosen in the Legacy. Each car is considered “low emission” and dedicated to creating a better space for the future, a strong ride on snow and ice, and a fun family car that will go wherever your next destination takes you.


1. The Legacy is popular with sedan drivers.

2. The Outback is best for SUV lovers.

3. Legacy has received performance, handling and fun updates.

4. The Outback has increased interior space.

5. The interior comes with a revised interior.

6. The Outback offers more travel options.

7. Legacy is historically the best seller.

8. Fuel efficiency is slightly better for the Outback.

9. The Legacy is less expensive as a base model.

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