Mclaren History: Where Speed and Innovation Converge

Mclaren History

Feel the Need for Speed: Discover the Thrilling History of Mclaren 1960-1970 – The beginning Bruce McLaren was born in New Zealand in 1937. Twenty-six years later, he founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing to develop competition vehicles. Just landed in the UK, his mentor Jack Brabham introduced him to Cooper Cars, a small London-based manufacturer of compact and lightweight racing cars.  … Read more

Take the Wheel: Discover the Inspiring Opel History

Opel History

Opel Car Company History: A Century of Automotive Ingenuity 1863 – 1870 – At first, sewing machines Born in Rüsselsheim, Adam Opel (1837-1895) trained as an apprentice in padlock making. However, during his youth, he travelled to various European countries and became fascinated by sewing machines. This passion led to the founding of Adam Opel in his hometown on … Read more

Mitsubishi History: Pioneering the Roads with Innovation and Resilience

Mitsubishi History

Explore the Road Less Traveled: Discover the Inspiring History of Mitsubishi 1870 – 1880 – In search of your identity The history of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation dates back to 1870 when Tsukumo Shokai separated from the Tosa Clan company and founded his own company. Yataro Iwasaki was elected president of the business, which in 1873 acquired the … Read more