From the Peugeot 905 to the Peugeot 9X8: innovation and speed

The Leon brand is as famous as it is innovative, endowed with clear and comprehensive characteristics of efficiency and automotive success. This is the result of years of experience reflected in important competitions, emphasizing the peugeot 905

This exceptional model has been the target of all eyes since its astonishing achievements 30 years ago. His participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans represents a total evolution and progress, both on and off the track.

Currently, the brand is trying to soar even higher to remember that milestone that inaugurated and catapulted it as King of Kings. For this reason, it has a surprise that represents a new step into the future. It is about a machine made by innovation: the Peugeot 9X8.

From Peugeot 905 to 9X8

For more than a century, Peugeot has been testing its values ​​of elegance and demand, on the innovation† This car giant is known for its great inventiveness and always goes one step further.

In this sense, Peugeot has developed advanced technologies in dedicated driving labs. All this to rise as champions in mythical super races that require great effort.

But this is not the only goal, just like when the Peugeot 905 was born. The idea behind these impressive car creations is to test and integrate new technologies into car production lines.

Cars designed for today’s market, with high performance and excellent benefits for customers like you. Today the new Hypercar evolves like the Peugeot 9X8

Next, we’ll tell you the reason for its name, revealing avant-garde details that you may not know. The idea of ​​the initials 9X8 can be summarized in three fundamental elements.

The number 9 is a sign that identifies Peugeot’s extreme competition cars. For example, it was used in two endurance models, such as the Peugeot 908 and the Peugeot 905.

The character “X” was added by the technologies of hybridization and four-wheel drive† In addition to promoting an electrification strategy involving the brand and moving to the track.

The number 8, a badge that belongs to the whole new Peugeot range, such as the popular 208, 3008, 5008, among others. Likewise, the design and technology of the Peugeot 508 has been changed under the concept of the new Hypercar.

This has given the 508 model the advantage of a Neo Performance production strategy, yielding better performance. The same strategy used for the Peugeot 9X8.

Now the advancement of the 508 has led to a lift shiny high-performance, a new model called Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered. This means the beginning of the future for the car brand:

History of the Peugeot 905

The development program for this “PEUGEOT Sport Prototype” started in December 1988. The car, presented in February 1990, was a breath of fresh air: innovative, with absolute visual purity and the characteristic front end of the brand’s models of the time.

History of the Peugeot 905
It was very successful between 1990 and 1993. With the 905, PEUGEOT competed with the most common car manufacturers in the competition, notably Porsche and Jaguar, and with emerging competitors such as Toyota and Mazda.

Impact of the Peugeot 905

1992 was a decisive year for PEUGEOT, with two goals: the World Constructors’ Championship and victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

For the 24 Hours of Le Mans Some major changes were made to the car: the front wing was removed, the position of the rear wing was changed and the front wing grilles disappeared.

The PEUGEOT team achieved fantastic results throughout the 1992 season (2nd in Monza, 1st and 3rd in Le Mans, 1st and 2nd in Donington, 1st and 3rd in Suzuka and 1st, 2nd and 5th in Magny-Cours), winning the 1992 Constructors’ World Champion title; achieving his goal.

In 1993, PEUGEOT took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the podium at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with its three PEUGEOT 905s.

This is the highest award for the company and its teams. The excellence of PEUGEOT technology was at its peak and the brand decides to withdraw after this historic result.


Built on a carbon fiber chassis designed in conjunction with Dassault, it featured a 650 hp 3.5 liter 40-valve V10 engine, very close to Formula 1 level.

Innovation Peugeot 9X8

Look at the tireless and creative work they have done from the Peugeot laboratory. Entire teams of engineers have achieved great progress and innovations, a smart move and typical of the brand.


For the development of the engine, the company leaned towards hybridization. Included in this system is a V6 Biturbo 500 kW (680 hp) petrol engine, which powers the rear wheels, and a 200 kW (270 hp) electric motor/generator, which powers the front wheels.

The regulation sets clear limits on the operation of the system, which allows four-wheel drive hybrid cars to circulate: it defines the threshold for energy transfer to the front wheels and stipulates that the total average power of the set must not exceed 550 kW (750 hp). .

Rear axle: 2.6-litre twin-turbo 90° V6 petrol engine with 500 kW (680 hp) and 7-speed sequential transmission

Front axle: electric motor/generator with 200 kW (270 hp) and gearbox

It also has a 900-volt high-density battery developed between PEUGEOT SPORT and Total Energies/Saft.


The design of the Peugeot 9×8 does not require aerodynamic spoiler of large dimensions, making it a more refined and elegant model than usual, a risk they wanted to accept from the new regulations.

History of the Peugeot 905The lion, the light signature, which is very similar to current production models. The rear optic retains the lion’s three claws, something we see in the 208, 508 PSE, 5008 and the whole range.


The Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar has ideal spatial aerodynamics to reduce air resistance. The 9×8 mirrors are integrated into the chassis† To be able to circulate with more than 700 hp, aerodynamics is essential, something that has been worked on deeply from Peugeot Sport.

At the rear is a large diffuser framed by finely chiseled elements housing the taillights, and a great detail that underlines the 9X8’s most striking innovative feature: there is no rear spoiler!


Innovation in the Peugeot brand has been an indelible signature in every model produced. And that is also recognized and appreciated by a loyal customer base who appreciate cars with style, avant-garde and high performance.

The Peugeot 9X8 is a jewel on wheels that represents years of history and evolution, since its predecessor, the Peugeot 905. Are you a lover of stylish, super-fast cars that reflect your personality?

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