Pick-up Renault Alaskan: Get to Know the Concept of Greatness

Impressive design, construction proof of everything, traction 4×4; a large payload, as well as maximum comfort and safety for the occupants, are some of the elements that define the majestic Renault Alaskan vehicle of the endearing French brand in Colombia.

The rhombus brand makes another masterful move in the segment with its Alaskan model picking up medium; vehicle that attracted a lot of attention in the presentation of 2016 and that now, imported from Argentinais causing a stir in our country.

But what makes it so special? Stay to learn more about aspects of the Renault Alaskan and, 

Renault Alaskan: powerful pick-up

From outside the Renault Alaskan, in are three versions available, surprises us with its imposing appearance; Two sections at the front, the top one with LED or halogen headlights, daytime running lights and the grille, conveying strength, robustness and agility. In the lower part, the area of ​​​​the fog lamps and the air intake, emphasizing the ability to move safely and controlled through difficult terrain.

The sides of the wheel arches are huge to accommodate tires on wheels up to 18”, giving a ‘wide shoulder’ silhouette. In the taillights stopin excellent shapes and on the door of the board, in large letters the brand logo and its name stand out picking up

Under the hood a four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with injection system Public rail of 2.5 litres, 190 hp and 450 Nm, in the versions ZEN and INTENSE; while in the version POSITION, the power is 163 HP. This engine is mated to a six-speed mechanical transmission on the CARGO and ZEN models or seven automatic transmissions on the INTENS model.

Equipment of the Renault Alaskan

All three versions are equipped with four-wheel drive. lThe CARGO and ZEN version, with a control lever for the 2H, 4L and 4H modes, while the INTENS version has a mode select button, in addition to the differential lock option that sends power to both wheels on the same axle and at the same speed.

The CARGO model has 16” wheels while the rest have 18” diamond wheels. Double cab with capacity for five occupants in the three versions and can be mounted on the roof, rails to hold objects, as well as hooks on the platform to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of loads, up to just over a ton.

On the other hand, the CARGO model shows black exterior details such as door handles, grille trim and filter intake, as well as single-sided aluminum wheels. The ZEN version reveals them, but chrome and reveals diamond-cut aluminum wheels; the INTENS version, on the other hand, features polished applications, a footboard for easy access to the cabin and also diamond-coated wheels.

Inside amenities include key Renault with Push & Start button, 5-inch color screen, steering wheel controls, height-adjustable front headrests; center console with cup holders, child locks on the rear doors, courtesy lighting on the front doors and, depending on the version, manually or electrically adjustable mirrors.

renault alaska design
Likewise, they have 2-speed variable interval windshield wipers, up to a leather-wrapped steering wheel with height adjustment, as well as headlights with an automatic on/off system. & follow me homeelectric windows in the four windows, for the driver with a single touch and with an anti-pinch system (anti-pinch).

Finally, audio controls on the steering wheel and on-board computer, as well as a link system for electronic devices with Bluetooth® hands-free through voice recognition, CD, AM/FM radio and of course speakers to accompany every journey and manual or dual-zone air conditioning.

Safety features Renault Alaskan

In the safety section, all versions have ABS brakes on discs on the front wheels and drums on the rear, EBD electronic brake distribution system, BA Brake Assist program and, in the most equipped version, rear differential lock with electronic differential lock (eLSD).

In the same top line, driver assistance modes for off-road driving have been added, including: Differential Control (VDC), Jump Start (HSA), Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Reversing Sensor.

Of course, the different versions are equipped with:

  • Three-point seat belts in the front, with belt tensioners and height adjustment, while in the rear there are three-point and the center two-point belts, as well as airbags for the driver and passenger.

Finally, in the bed there is a protective coating on all models and you can opt for extra sockets, as well as a flexible luggage cover and even an extension for large items and four hooks on rails to secure the contents. .

Suspension of the Renault Alaskan

The Renault Alaskan is equipped with the proven Multilink suspension system with five links, coil spring with telescopic shock absorber and stabilizer bar, attached to the rigid rear axle.

This system ensures the correct position of the wheels on the ground, regardless of the surface condition. The Multilink consists of an upper and lower arm anchor plus a further longitudinal anchor, which form a very efficient set.

To deal with this picking up of a work or family and recreational vehicle with 4×4 capacities, this configuration, plus the rigid rear axle (cargo capable), results in a truck with high maneuverability and safety, and also reduces noise and vibration from the tires and the floor.

Likewise, they provide a smoother ride, because the shock absorbers have more spring travel and therefore better absorb unevenness with or without load. This, together with its chassis of high resistance and its generous height from the ground between 22 and 25 centimeters, guarantees a perfect grip and great comfort on any terrain.

For its part, the front suspension is independent with double wishbone, coil spring over telescopic shock absorber and stabilizer bar, suitable for a pleasant ride on paved roads or rough on rough terrain.

Versions available in Colombia of Pick-Up Alaskan

As we mentioned before, they are available in cars three versions of the Renault Alaskan; the model POSITION, focused on work and entry line, as well as ZEN and INTENSE, More geared towards family outings and outdoor excursions, all models have the same physical dimensions of 5.3 meters long, between 1.8 and 2.0 meters wide and 1.8 meters high without the roof racks.

All versions are equipped the same single turbocharged computerized engine with variable geometry, 4×4 capabilities, as well as a five-arm Multilink system on the rigid rear axle.

Their differences are in the equipment, although in all versions they have some features of comparable comfort, but for specific details of each model, we invite you to follow clutch.

Interior design Renault Alaskan

Performance of the new Alaskan

Its fuel tank, with a capacity of 80 liters of diesel, gives it a range of 740 kilometers to one thousand hundred and ten kilometers (1110 km); It should be noted that these values ​​vary depending on the gearbox: 16 Km/lt., for the mechanical version and 15.5 Km/lt., for the automatic version. So we have an average consumption of:

  • Urban consumption 14.49 Km/Lt., or 6.9 Lt every 100 Km
  • Highway consumption 16.67 Km/Lt., or 6 Lt every 100 Km
  • Combined consumption 15.87 Km/Lt or 6.3 Lt every 100 Km

Finally, La Nueva Alaskan is a vehicle capable of moving 1,041 thousand kilograms or towing loads of up to three tons. A powerful vehicle!

Why choose the new Renault Alaskan today?

We have the aesthetics, the mechanics, the comfort, and the security and technological elements of this powerful . already reviewed picking upThat integrates into its DNA a modern and imposing design that does justice to its capabilities on and off the road.

Each Renault Alaskan It has a maintenance contract for three years or 40,000 km. Extended Warranty, a policy that extends the protection of the vehicle by one or three additional years to the original warranty to cover any mechanical and/or electrical failure. And Renault Insurance, an exclusive policy for your Renault with unique discount bonuses. And how much does the Renault Alaskan truck cost? Contact us.


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