9 Reasons to Buy Hyundai Models

Fortunately, the range of vehicles on the Colombian market is plentiful. If you’re thinking of switching cars, you’ll definitely want the hyundai models as one of the first options.

What could lead you to choose a Hyundai as your next vehicle? The reasons are many. In this article we will focus on some of them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 9 reasons to buy Hyundai models. Let’s discover them!

Hyundai Seal of approval

Hyundai is a Korean company with a history of more than 70 years. The various vehicles are highly appreciated all over the world. This is because each of its models is designed and manufactured according to the strictest quality standards.

Currently, the company focuses on inventing and producing more efficient, lighter and safer models. These are the principles under which Hyundai creates each of the cars and SUVs it markets.

Because of this, it has become one of the favorites of the public in our country. so is so Hyundai remains the fastest growing brand in the Colombian market. As per the end of the year, Hyundai grew 152.7% in the period January – June 2021. A growth that was well above the market, which recovered by 53.2%.

9 Reasons to Buy Hyundai Models

1. Wide variety of Hyundai models

The first reason to choose one of the Hyundai models as your next vehicle is the wide range on offer.

Hyundai has representatives in different car segments. From the traditional sedan to the popular SUVs, through the ever-versatile and compact performers.

Let’s start with the hatchback HB20 Getz. This compact new generation is available in 4 versions: Advance MT, Advance AT, Premium MT and Premium AT. They are all powered by a powerful and efficient 1.6L Gamma engine, with 4 in-line, 16-valve cylinders.

Then comes the turn of the sedan, which is represented by the Hyundai HB20 Accent. This vehicle, made for the whole family, is also available in four versions: Advance AT and MT, Premium AT and MT.

With the same 1.6 L engine as the Getz, the HB20 New Generation Edition Accent stands out for its spacious trunk. In this compartment you can transport luggage up to 475 liters.

Finally it’s time for the most desirable segment of the moment: the versatile SUVs. This segment has three representatives within the Hyundai models. We are talking about the HB20X Graviti, Crete and Tucson Edition.

The HB20X gravity is a crossing SUV that has a higher suspension compared to the other models in the HB20 family. This turns him into the vehicle for the family adventure. It has the same 1.6 L engine as the Getz and Accent.

Another Hyundai model on the Colombian market is the surprising Crete. It is a truck with all the elegance and convenience. This model offers enough load capacity and versatility for today’s demanding lifestyle.

This brings us to one of Hyundai’s stars: the Tucson. This large SUV arrives in Colombia in five trim versions:

2. Comfortable interior

All Hyundai models are designed to provide maximum comfort to their occupants. In this way they can make trips and walks much more comfortable.

The HB20X Graviti, for example, brings beauty and functionality together in equal parts in your cab. The center console is equipped with armrests, which together with the seat height adjustment provide maximum comfort for the driver and front passenger.

Now let’s turn to the inner beauty of Crete. It has a well equipped and spacious cabin. The new Ecoleather upholstery adds elegance and sobriety to the interior space.

To expand capacity, the Creta’s versatile rear seats fold down in sections. This allows different combinations of passengers and freight to be transported. this vehicle offers 1,396 liters of space very easy access.

Likewise, the Hyundai Tucson stands out for its space and comfort. In its luxurious interior, the incredible Automatic Sky View Panoramic Roof. You just have to press a button and choose which of the three opening positions of the sunroof automatically want to enjoy your trip.

10 Reasons to Buy Hyundai Models
3. Hyundai models are fuel efficient

Another reason to choose one of the Hyundai models is their excellent efficiency. The materials used for the engines and body are designed to optimize fuel consumption, resulting in greater savings.

Tucson It is one of the most complete and efficient SUVs on the Colombian market. This vehicle is equipped with dashboard alarms to help you take advantage of that efficiency. The on-board computer displays the driving range, ie the distance you can cover with the remaining fuel. It also displays current and average fuel economy values.

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Creta dominates the wind with its exceptionally aerodynamic design. This function allows you to reduce the resistance to the airflow. The rear spoiler spoiler also optimizes fuel consumption and vehicle stability.

4. Unique Styles and Designs

Hyundai’s DNA remains intact in the new brand identity: “Sporty Sensuality”. Proof of this is the style of its new HB20 Accent sedan. This presents a design that gives fluidity and sportiness as a family car. It emphasizes the exterior design in the style back soonwhich evokes a luxurious yet sporty look.

On the other hand, the crossing The HB20X Graviti shows its expressiveness through the robust details around the wheel arches. The roof rails and the matte black finish of the door frames give it a appearance of the road that will surprise you.

Hyundai Creta, for its part, has an imposing design at the front and rear. The body is incredibly stiff, designed to safely absorb impact forces.

While the wild styling of the Tucson’s front end stands out thanks to its signature hexagonal grille. Another detail to highlight is the great lighting with headlamps with LED daytime running lights.

5. Great quality at reasonable prices

With their models, you can be sure to enjoy superior quality at affordable prices. Check out the prices from which you can enjoy your new Hyundai:

  • HB20 Getz: from $51,990,000
  • HB20 Accent: Starting at $53,490,000
  • HB20 Graviti: from $61,990,000
  • Crete: from $79.990,000
  • Tucson: from $99.990,000.
Buy Hyundai models
6. There are authorized workshops

In our after-sales service you will find: warranty care offered by the brand, according to the time and route of your vehicle. You can also enjoy Preventive maintenanceso your car doesn’t break down when you need it most.

The new maintenance frequencies for Hyundai 2022 models are now every year or every 10,000 kilometers. You can now also book your appointment on hyundai workshop virtual.

7. State-of-the-art technological features

Hyundai models are also characterized by their advanced technological equipment. For example, the HB20X Graviti has a USB port for fast charging, a start button for the engine and an 8-inch touchscreen.

All Hyundai models have: infotainment system with compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. They also have a Bluetooth connection with voice recognition.

The technology also makes driving easier and makes Hyundai vehicles safer. Creta has proximity sensors with which, in addition to a reversing sensor, it also allows electronic stability control and a hill start assistant.

8. Hyundai Blue Drive

Committed to both innovation and environmental care, Hyundai has developed its BlueDrive program. This focuses on generalizing sustainable mobility in its vehicles.

The range of technologies Blue Drive includes Intelligent Stop & Go (ISG). This will shut off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop and turn it on when it pulls away again. It also includes the Dynamo Management System (AMS), which charges the battery only during deceleration.

Hyundai chooses the brand
9. Outstanding Performance

When we talk about performance, we must emphasize the performance of the 1.6 L Gamma engine that powers the HB20 family. This impeller generates a maximum power of 121.3 hp at 6,300 rpm.

Crete also has Gamma 1.6 MPi engine completely developed in aluminum. This construction reduces weight and optimizes fuel efficiency, with superior power.

Hyundai Tucson, for its part, presents a Nu 2.0 MPI petrol engine. Able to reach a maximum power of 155 hp at 6,200 rpm. Depending on the version, the Tucson has 4×2 or intelligent 4×4.


Welcome to the new Hyundai era. The vehicles of the renowned Korean manufacturer combine safety, attractive exterior design and multiple technological attributes to offer you a great driving experience. In addition, they are vehicles designed to protect the environment thanks to their suite of BlueDrive technologies.

In this article you have discovered many of the reasons why you should choose one of the Hyundai models. 

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