With much delay, the Renault Duster 1.3 TCe has just arrived in Brazil – and only 4×2-16 valves

Renault Duster 1.3 TCe

Due to the size of the neighboring country’s market and industry, the most important innovations for the region reach Brazil first. However, sometimes there are also some exceptions due to the strategies of the car manufacturers. This is the case with the Renault Duster, which, despite its presentation in Brazil in 2020, is only now equipped with the 1.3 TCe engine, while in Argentina this propellant came from the same debut of the second generation of the B-SUV last year. .

Then the country of origin comes into play: the Duster arrives in Argentina from the Colombian Sofasa factory, which produces a much more complete range, with versions with the 1.6 SCe engine and the aforementioned 1.3 turbo. In addition, it has the exclusivity of the 4×4 variant, which is also not manufactured in Brazil. Secondly, the strategy of the diamond brand was different: the company decided to give priority to the 1.3 TCe engine for the facelift of the Captur, which has already been launched there and which has been on standby in our country for the time being, at least for this anus .

Until this week, for example, the Brazilian Duster’s range only consisted of 1.6 4×2 versions, with the respective Zen, Intense and Iconic trim levels, but always with the 115 hp engine. As of now, the lineup maintains these versions, but adds the 156 hp 1.3 TCe engine, available only with the Xtronic CVT automatic transmission with 8 simulated gears. Neither the six-speed manual transmission nor the 4WD option with the AllMode 4×4 system, which is part of the portfolio in Argentina, will be offered.

Let’s briefly review its characteristics again: the second generation, which maintains the B0 platform, was presented by Dacia in 2018. Compared to its predecessor, the evolution was total: aesthetically it stands out for its renewed design, that although it retains the characteristics of the first generation, all the body panels are new and above all an improved aerodynamics thanks to the greater inclination of the A-pillar. Its appearance retains the robustness that has always characterized it, but with a more modern and aerodynamic touch .

Behind closed doors, the redesign was really complete and has nothing in common with the first generation. In order to convey a more refined and refined image, the dashboard was completely redesigned and given a more modern style, with more careful details. Special mention to the multimedia system’s massive 8-inch floating tablet-style touchscreen and the improvement in safety, with traction control and stability standard across the range, items now mandatory in the country.

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