Renault Grand Scenic Review: Price, Interior, and Alternatives – Our Comprehensive Guide is Here!

The Renault Scenic is a midsize minivan. The fourth generation of this model has been on sale since 2016, although the brand subtly renewed its appearance and technology years later. A few months ago, Renault discontinued this model due to its low demand. For now it only sells the long body variant with 7 seats, called Renault Grand Scenic.

In this short article we summarize Renault Grand Scenic Review the price for which the Grand Scenic is available in each of its versions, some highlights of its interior and its main purchase alternatives.

Renault Grand Scenic Price

The Renault grand scenic is available from 24,670 euros in Spain, considering the taxes and commercial contributions of the manufacturer. This price corresponds to the access version, that is, the 140 hp 1.3 TCe with manual transmission and Limited finish. However, it can be worth 31,720 euros in the case of the top of the range, which has the same engine (yes, 160 hp, which is 20 more) but equips automatic transmission and Black Edition finish. All possible options are associated with front-wheel drive.

Next, we show you one list with official prices of each of the versions currently on sale for the Grand Scenic in ascending order:

  • Renault Grand Scenic 1.3 TCe (140 HP): 24,670 euros
  • Renault Grand Scenic 1.3 TCe (140 CV) AUT: 27,910 euros
  • Renault Grand Scenic 1.3 TCe (160 CV) AUT: 29,910 euros
Renault Grand Scenic

Renault Grand Scenic interior

The cabin of the Renault Grand Scenic features a high degree of ergonomics and practicality at the same time as some normal qualities in relation to its acquisition cost. The presentation is good, with a design that five years later still seems relatively modern. Is well-appointed even in the most accessible versions, although current cars can carry a greater technological endowment of safety and infotainment.

As standard and for the lowest price, the Grand Scenic already has lane departure alert, hill start aid, automatic switching on of high beams, fatigue detector, cruise control and parking sensors, among other driving assistants. The upholstery is made of a special fabric. As for the multimedia equipment, it has 6 speakers, 7-inch central touch screen and USB connection. It has many slides.

Regarding its interior dimensions, it is very wide in any of the three rows of seats. The length for the legs is somewhat compromised in the later two. Height is normal for this class of car. It is a excellent purchase option for those looking for a spacious car without having to pay the extra cost of an SUV equivalent. Unfortunately, it is likely to disappear given its poor market penetration.

Alternatives to the Renault Grand Scenic

People carriers, especially the 7-seater ones, are in danger of extinction” and they are not profitable products for manufacturers today. Only some brands continue to build them, taking advantage of the small niche left by the rest of the companies at the time they have decided to bet on the SUVs like the new familiar and versatile mobility concept. For a price similar to the Grand Scenic you can find the Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer, the Ford Galaxy and the SEAT Alhambra. For a little more money there is a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer. You can also opt for small vans with long body or medium vans, both with a variant for passenger transport.

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