SEAT Innovations: What Has it Done?

SEAT was the first passenger car manufacturer in Spain and has innovated in several automotive aspects since 1950. From innovative designs to a new mobility concept. Do you know all SEAT innovations and how they have affected the world?

The Barcelona brand has always been at the forefront of automotive technology and its culture is characterized by creativity, talent and staff. The DNA distinguishes itself through innovation, technology and digitization.

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From a Spanish concept ready to move a country at an important time in its history to become a brother of Volkswagen. Along the way, the Spanish brand has always been at the forefront of comfortable design and technology. Today, the focus is mainly on offering secure, digitized mobility and above all: the comfort of its users. Get to know SEAT’s innovations:

Seat innovation days

Last year, SEAT organized its Innovation Day for the second time. An event that recognizes and encourages the innovative spirit of its employees. There are two days that combine activities in a hybrid form: digital and face-to-face sessions.

Within the event, the brand showcases visions and projects designed for the future of the automotive industry. Many proposals will be presented on SEAT Innovation Day and after the event, the SEAT Innova platform was launched, which will continue what was seen at the conference during the year.

The event was a combination of the hybrid and face-to-face format. SEAT created an interactive 3D space on its virtual platform to allow employees to explore different areas within the SEAT universe, including 50 online stands, to learn more about what innovation means to them.


Innovations do not necessarily have to be on the side of the consumer. In this case, Eco-mobility refers to how SEAT uses solar energy to produce new cars. Did you know?

The solar power station supplies almost 50% of the energy for production.

Another innovation that is part of sustainable mobility is the TGI technology. said system uses an engine that combines natural gas and gasoline, selecting the best of each fuel based on the situation. The gas engine of a car chooses CNG as a priority and switches to petrol if necessary.

A vehicle with hybrid TGI technology is an alternative to eco-mobility. It has two tanks, which allows you to save fuel. Plus, it helps you reduce emissions and improve air quality. Not to mention that the gas engine is much quieter.

Data-driven R&D

Another of the technologies presented during the Innovation Day. It is a project of custom applications and software. This software allows to integrate all the data generated in the R&D area to work on it in real time.

Data Driven I+D uses cloud computing with online information and works in real time. As a result, it improves efficiency in the processes, decisions are made faster and with more certainty.

Full Link Technology

SEAT’s Full Link technology refers to a system that integrates your mobile phone with your SEAT, so that you are always connected. This technology allows you to consult Google Maps from the vehicle’s screen. Simply put, it allows your infotainment system to be fully connected.

You can also enjoy your music with Full Link technology. You can use the integrated controls to search for your favorite songs in Spotify or in other applications to display them on the screen.

On the other hand you can also enjoy SEAT Drive app† This specialized application allows you to check the status of the vehicle, among other things, when it needs the next technical service or the nearest workshop.

SEAT InnovationsMove&Live

Move & Live is a range of SEAT solutions that allow users to enjoy every moment they spend in their vehicle. Within the proposal is the integration of BeatsAudio as a high-quality audio system, integration with Shazam, the famous app that allows you to recognize the artist and the name of the song.

Move & Live works with Full Link, a great infotainment system that you will love from the get-go.

Ku-Fizz and Oryzit

They are among the innovations presented at last year’s SEAT Innovation Day. Ku Fizz is a physical foam technology that reduces the weight of plastic parts, improving current technologies.

On the other hand, Oryzite It is an innovation project based on the circular economy. Explore how rice husks can be used to replace plastic products and thus reduce the ecological footprint. How? Of the 700 million tons of rice produced each year, 20% corresponds to chaff and about 140 million tons are thrown away. One of the advantages of this innovation is that the pieces weigh less.


Innovation and technology are part of SEAT’s DNA. The brand continues to grow and develop new innovations that improve the daily lives of its employees and of course its users.

SEAT does not limit itself to improving the designs of its vehicles, during its processes and developments it considers three key factors: users, SEAT employees and the environment.

In cars we are proud to have this brand, know your offer.

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