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SEO Reddit Guide: How to Use it to Promote Your Auto Business

A significant advantage of web marketing and SEO jobs is that you don’t get bored. Indeed, the rules in force in these areas are constantly changing depending on algorithm updates, user usage, and the arrival of new players on the market. In return, a professional must regularly update his knowledge and implement monitoring techniques. This article focuses on Reddit, a community site for sharing content and URLs. The objective is to give some ideas for using this platform as a tool for web marketing and SEO.

What is Reddit?

SEO Reddit

According to the Alexa ranking, Reddit is the 32nd most viewed site in the world and 9th in the United States. Very well known across the Atlantic, this community platform is regularly at the heart of the news in the world and, therefore, in France during certain scandals such as publishing private photos of stars. But this site is not limited to that. Its great richness is a highly vast community dealing with equally varied subjects ranging from political discussions to the defence of the rights of toasters (yes, yes…). Therefore, the site offers sections dedicated to the subjects that interest us, SEO and web marketing.

Reddit is organized into subreddits or “subreddits.” These are sections dedicated to exchanges on a particular theme. The Redditors post links or texts there that are submitted to the vote and can be commented on in the principle of a forum. It is then possible to sort this content by several votes obtained in the hour, the day, the week… or to highlight those currently rapidly upvoted.

Therefore, one advantage of Reddit is to be able to quickly address a community interested in the same subject in order, for example, to find an answer to a technical question.

The site turns out to be an excellent information aggregator thanks to the size of its community and the way the information is prioritized and disseminated.

What you should know about Reddit and SEO Reddit?

Reddit is a website where you will find content on any topic. It has a very active community on the Internet, sharing exciting links they find and discussing them. Also, vote for or against the posts and comments of other users.

The ability to share exciting content describes it as a news aggregator. As well as a place to find interesting information. It is a social network for allowing communities to be created around a particular topic. If you like to travel, you can join one of the many subreddits that will give you tips and news about popular destinations.

Its forum feature is in the discussions that arise around a post. This interaction is one of the essential features of the web. It will give strength to your user by making them known, and if you make interesting comments, you win votes.

Four Reddit basics you should know if you’re starting or planning to start using it:

1.    Subreddits – These are subcategories within Reddit. The communities where a specific topic is discussed, such as marketing, books, sports, fashion, etc. Some are very popular and have many users and visits; others attract smaller but dedicated groups.

2.    Votes for and against: The platform has a system that allows users to vote for the content they like. But you can also vote against it. Each post’s score is averaged, and that’s how it ranks or doesn’t rank among the top stories.

3.    Karma: The reward you receive when you contribute to the community; it is based on what other users think of you. If you publish content that others value, you receive points in favor and generate trust. You also get karma for comments on others’ posts.

4.    Reddit gold – is the premium program for members that unlocks new features. Users can also gift Reddit gold when making a precious post or comment.

Interesting facts about the Reddit platform

· It is the seventh most visited website in the world.

· It is known as “the front page of the Internet.”

· It has 34.9 million monthly unique visitors and 2.5 million page views.

· 66% of users are men.

· The majority of subscribers are between 18 and 24 years old.

· Most of Reddit’s traffic comes from the United States, but Canadians spend the most time on the platform.

· There are more than 164 thousand subreddits on different topics. The most popular ones include askreddit, gaming, funny, and videos.

SEO Reddit Guide: How to Get Started SEO Reddit?

If you work in marketing, you may have heard of this platform. But, despite the advantages it has, there are still few who know how to take advantage of it. One of its best virtues is that Reddit is an excellent source of traffic, with users who are potential customers, which is suitable for both marketing and

SEO of your website or blog.

Despite the above, you have to be careful when promoting your business on this network. The anti-spam rules are pretty strict, and they have a team that is vigilant about enforcing them. Post a variety of content, not just from your site, and to the right subreddits; participate in conversations and carefully read the rules of each category.

When you enter for the first time, you will notice that most publications are in English. However, there are also subreddits in Spanish; search to find the ones that interest you. The Hispanic community on the platform has grown, and now you will also find Reddit instructions in Spanish to understand it better.

To understand how to use Reddit, start by knowing how it works. Platform users are called Redditors. Each one can publish content on their profile or in the subcategories. They can also comment and vote on any other story.

The content that gets the most votes will rank better and can reach the main page of Reddit. But, if you don’t make it to the top news, you can still rank in the published subreddit.

Do not expect immediate results; publish timeless content. And while it reaches users, comment and vote for other publications. Dedicate at least half an hour each day to explore the community and participate.

Also, take the opportunity to learn the language popular among users on Reddit.

Guide for SEO Reddit in a marketing strategy

Now that you know what Reddit is and what it is for, we will tell you how to use it to boost your marketing strategy.

Above, we mentioned that it is a valuable tool for content marketing. Well used, it will attract web traffic, it will allow you to understand better the audience and what they are talking about. You can also take advantage of it to find publication ideas for your website or blog.

As you will see, it is beneficial, but it also takes time to work on this platform.

Drive traffic with Reddit

To do content-focused marketing with Reddit and get visitors to your website, do the following:

  • Identify the community where your content and that of your customers best fit. In the advanced search box, type subreddit:(subreddit name) and the options. Read the rules of the subcategory carefully before posting.
  • Publish entertaining content that adds value and is of quality so that users like it. If other Redditors find it insignificant, they will downvote, and the post will go to the bottom of the news.
  • Connect with readers, pay attention to what they comment and interact with them.
  • Write titles that attract attention but without directly promoting your website or business.
  • Take care of spelling and grammar.
  • Promote your publication among your contacts or pay advertising to make it more visible. But don’t ask for votes for your content.

Curate Content

In addition to promoting your blog posts, use the platform to find out what is being talked about and find content ideas. Start by finding the subreddits that are related to your niche and subscribe.

You can find the subcategory or audience you are interested in by searching for the subreddit’s name, keywords, username, or website. Doing exact searches will find content on the topic that interests you and what the competition is doing.

When you find the subreddits that interest you, create a multireddit. This is a page where you can see in one place what is published in various subcategories. Go to the “multireddit” tab when you subscribe to a subreddit and click create. Then you add the pages you want.

Within the multireddits, you can also see what type of content has been successful during the last month or year. This way, you get an idea of ​​the content that can be successful.

Market research

The public on Reddit is large and very varied. Within the platform, there are potential clients you must attract and learn from them. Once again, the first step is to identify the subreddits where your target audience is.

Search for keywords to find subreddits that interest you and are prevalent in your niche. As well as to know the frequent topics that members talk about. This will give you an idea of ​​their interests and questions. Do not forget to search for your brand name to know what is said about you.

Search for keywords to find subreddits that interest you and are prevalent in your niche. As well as to know the frequent topics that members talk about. This will give you an idea of ​​their interests and questions. Do not forget to search for your brand name to know what is said about you.

Tools like the Reddit Enhancement Suite will make this task easier for you by allowing you to filter your searches.

Learn to listen to the audience. While researching, pay attention to the comments made for or against your brand or product. All opinions are valuable.

You can also take advantage of this platform to stay updated. For example, digital marketing changes very quickly. With Reddit, you can stay on top of the strategies and tactics that work and those that have become obsolete.

Identify the comments that have had the most significant impact by monitoring those receiving the most gold. These will help you better understand the audience and what they want.

Here are a number of exciting subreddits for internet marketing activities.


SEO: This subreddit, followed by almost 30,000 members, focuses on SEO-related issues and acts primarily as a self-help forum. Most posts are requests for information on specific topics. Redditors also post advice or relevant resources.

Big SEO: It complements r/SEO with discussions that are sometimes more oriented “strategy and state of play of the sector” than “processing specific requests.” The community is mainly made up of in-house or agency professionals. This subreddit regularly hosts “AMAs” (Ask Me Anything), interviews with SEO figures.

SEO Infographics: There are only 300 members and a publication every 3-4 days, but the purpose of this theme is not to inform or answer questions. It’s about bringing a different or stylized view on a subject from time to time.

Link building: Advice and feedback to develop linking strategies.

Analytics: About four posts per day in this subreddit which provides tips and tricks on analytics and, in particular, on Google tools.


Web marketing: Community of 10,000 members in which we ask questions, share articles and transmit web marketing tips and techniques whether it’s about social media, SEO, landing pages, or affiliation…

§ Marketing: Continuing from the previous one but slightly expanding the area covered. The community is five times larger, and it remains primarily focused on issues related to web marketing.

DotCom: We are not talking here about the founder of Megaupload as his name might suggest, but about “Growth Hacking.”

Affiliate Marketing: We are talking here about techniques and affiliate platforms.

PPC: A community interested in all issues related to Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.

Social media

Social Media: 25,000 Redditors who exchange questions and thoughts in this community for social media professionals.

Social Media Research: This community mainly shares research articles on social media.


Content: This subreddit presents a space for discussion around the four pillars of content: strategy, creation, curation, and marketing.

Copywriting: Sharing resources and tips around content writing.


WordPress: The subreddit for sharing questions and resources around the most used CMS in the world, WordPress. Similar subreddits exist for other CMS such as Drupal, Prestashop, or Joomla.

AutoMobile Related Subreddit


Use Reddit to drive qualified traffic to your site.

Reddit is not just a monitoring tool for web marketers as a social platform. It can also serve as a qualified traffic generator.

There are many different subreddits. Some have a city as their theme, others a brand or even a sport.

Anyone can post a link there. Why not you? Especially since these links guarantee to reach a target a priori interested in the subject concerned. This requires identifying subreddits related to your activity or the territory of your business and offering content there. Community votes can help boost your content to drive traffic to your site. If your offer or brand is likely to have a community of enthusiasts already, you can even go so far as to create your subreddit.

However, keep in mind that the Reddit community is not too fond of marketers. Interesting remarks can be perceived as potential lies or truncated truths on this site which values ​​honesty.

Final Tips for SEO Reddit

  • Interact with the audience. To create a good reputation on Reddit, your comments on other posts are valuable.
  • Respond to those who comment on your posts, even those who make negative comments, but without attacking.
  • If a moderator deletes your post, do not post it again.
  • Post varied content, not just your own. Look for links with interesting information and share them.
  • If you can’t find a subreddit that fits the characteristics of your content, create one.
  • Accept criticism. Other Redditors won’t hesitate to let you know if the content doesn’t meet their expectations.

We hope you find “SEO Reddit” a helpful guide for using Reddit in a marketing strategy. Tell us about your experience in the comments if you have used this website before. Do you need help with your marketing? Contact us and request a free estimate.


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