7 SUV Models, You Have to Know

According to a recent ANAC report, during 2020, a trend that was booming in the market for light and medium vehicles was consolidated in Chile: the preference of consumers when buying  SUV models  (37.60%) compared to passenger vehicles (34.73%), which is made up of the city cars, hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, roadsters, and station wagon segments.

What are SUVs? 

The acronym stands for “Sport Utility Vehicle,” which can be translated as “Sport Utility Vehicle.” They combine characteristics of off-road vehicles and urban sports cars. In practice, they perform very well in the city and stick with ease on the road and complex off-road surfaces. 

They generally measure between 4.30 meters or more, have five doors and engines between 1.4 and 2.0 liters, although some can reach 3.2 liters. 

While it is true that they have a design similar to that of an all-terrain vehicle, you should not confuse them. While some 4×4 SUVs perform well on rugged terrain, they have a greater calling for the city.

Its wide, comfortable design and adhered to the floor make this vehicle ideal for a family that commonly travels through cities but needs space to travel comfortably. Better still, when family trips are recurring, a  7 passenger SUV  is the ideal option.

7 Best SUV Models options for you and your family

Among the  best SUV models  in the Chilean market, you may be interested in knowing the following:

1. Suzuki S PRESSO 

With a simple design, easy to recognize on the streets, it offers a mixed performance of 19.1 km / L and delivers an incredible 67 HP @ 6,000 rpm. 

Its traction is 4×2 front, and the 5-speed mechanical box allows comfortable driving in different conditions. Among its equipment, you find a reverse sensor, Bluetooth, streaming audio, and air conditioning. 

2. New Changan CS15

A compact 5 passenger, with excellent power of 100 HP at 5,500 rpm. Its technology and robustness guarantee climbs’ necessary strength and takes you on light off-road roads with ease. Its mixed consumption is 14.6 km / L.

3. JS2 

It is one of the small 4×2 SUVs with the most modern design, an interior with smooth lines, with state-of-the-art equipment. It achieves 111 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, and its combined consumption is 14.7 km / L.

4. New Vitara 1.6 GLS

Without a doubt one of the historic SUVs in Chile. Ideal if you like a modern and efficient design. With perfect dimensions, it guarantees you an impeccable ride and performance on different roads. Available in various colors, it has 115 horsepower, and its mixed performance is an unmatched 16.2 km / L.

5. All-New Mazda CX3

With a capacity for 5 passengers, it stands out for its elegant and striking design, 2WD and AWD versions. In addition, its premium equipment allows the family to reach any destination easily. It has a powerful 147 horsepower engine.

6. Renault Koleos 

It is a luxurious and comfortable  4×4 and 4×2 SUV  with all the support of Renault. Its most vital point, in addition to its high power, is its design with sporty curves and its enviable technological equipment. With an automatic gearbox, it achieves a mixed consumption of 12 km / L.

7. New Mazda CX-9

With 4×2 front-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic transmission, it’s one of the best  7-passenger SUVs. The design features impeccable finishes, excellent interior space, and connectivity so that the family can take long and short trips with maximum comfort.

With 227 horsepower and up to 5,000 rpm, its true power resides in 420 / 2,000 Nm / Rpm. Due to the above, it is one of the large SUVs with the best starter.

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