Suzuki Swift: Price, Interior, and Alternatives – Our Comprehensive Guide is Here!

The Suzuki Swift is a small passenger car. The fifth generation of this model has been on sale since 2017, but received minor aesthetic and technological changes in 2021, including more equipment and a smaller range of engines.

In this short article we summarize the price for which the Suzuki Swift is available in each of its versions, some highlights of its interior and its main purchase alternatives.

Suzuki Swift Price

The Suzuki swift is available from 15,860 euros in Spain, considering the taxes and commercial contributions of the manufacturer. This price corresponds to the access version, that is, the 82 hp 1.2 MHEV with front-wheel drive, manual gearbox and GLE finish. However, it can be worth 18,260 euros in the case of the top of the range, which has the same engine and front-wheel drive but has automatic transmission and GLX finish. Any of the possible options has microhybridization and, consequently, has an ECO label from the DGT.

Next, we show you one list with official prices of each of the versions currently on sale for the Swift in ascending order:

  • Suzuki Swift 1.2 MHEV (82 CV): 15,860 euros
  • Suzuki Swift 1.2 MHEV (82 CV) AUT: 17,260 euros
  • Suzuki Swift 1.2 MHEV (82 HP) AWD: 17,350 euros

Suzuki Swift interior

The interior of the Suzuki Swift, despite being solid and presenting good settings, has a low quality regarding the materials that have been used for its construction. The Japanese brand has abused hard plastics, which tarnish the car. Also, except for the steering wheel, the design and arrangement of the various elements make it look like an older car than it really is. In return, its level of equipment is high from the basic version.

In terms of infotainment, the access Swift already has a touch screen with connection for Apple mobile phones or brands with Android operating system and a USB port. The dashboard is traditional, but has a color LCD screen in the middle of the clocks. In terms of active safety, it equips many driving aids for this segment. The upholstery is fabric and the steering wheel is leather. It has air conditioning, not climate control.

As for its interior dimensions, the cabin of this product is well optimized, since it presents a space similar to that of slightly larger models due to external dimensions. In this sense, stands out for height in both rows of seats, but their width is reduced compared to equivalent cars by category and price. Access is good. As habitability and comfort prevail, the volume of your trunk is very limited.

Suzuki Swift

Alternatives to the Suzuki Swift

The Mitsubishi Space Star, the Toyota Yaris or the MINI 3-door They are the closest models to the Swift by size. However, the Toyota and the MINI are much more expensive and the latter has 3 doors instead of 5. There are other similar utility vehicles by price and concept, although they are something bigger: Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio, KIA Rio or SEAT Ibiza are just a few examples. If the qualities of the dashboard, center console or doors are not valued, few small cars offer so much equipment for so little money as does the Swift.

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