Tips to Save Gas

Are you interested in knowing how to save gas? Chile has had one of the most expensive fuel markets in Latin America for years. Over time, the value of these products – considered “liquid gold” – tends to experience sharp increases due to the increase in oil prices and fluctuations in the cost of the oil dollar.

7 Tips to Save Gas

Do you want to know how to spend less fuel to protect your domestic economy? With simple measures, you can do a lot so that your visit to the service station or “gasoline pump” does not give you a headache.

  1. Plan your trip well

Improvisation in driving is not recommended. Therefore, it is always better to play it safe. Find out which are the most straightforward routes, with more minor traffic jams and interferences, and the ones that allow you to reach your destination in less time, without having to go at an incredible speed. For what reason? If, for example, you add 10 minutes for every extra hour of congestion, you increase your fuel consumption by 14%, which translates into considerable consumption at the end of the day.

2. Watch the tires

Keeping your vehicle’s tires in good condition allows you to have more excellent safety and save fuel. But how to save gasoline on the road through tires? Take care that they do not have less air pressure than the corresponding one. If you drive with flat tires, the engine doubles its work and burns more fuel, reducing its performance by 4%.

3. Avoid carrying so much weight.

If you are looking for how to use less gasoline during your transfers, try to reduce unnecessary loads. An extra 100kg weight carried in a medium-sized vehicle, for example, can cause gas mileage to drop by approximately 6%.

4. Start and move

Start your car’s engine without stepping on the accelerator. In addition, gasoline engines should start driving immediately after starting. Whereas, in diesel engines, it is preferable to wait a few seconds before starting gear.

5. Maintain a steady speed

Every time you break and step on the accelerator, you use up gasoline. How to save gas on the road? Maintain a uniform speed (always respecting the limits), maintain the speed you gradually gain, and your car will consume less fuel.

6. Turn off the engine in traffic.

Is the traffic prolonged along the route? The best thing you can do is turn off the engine until the road clears, since, after 10 minutes of inactivity, fuel consumption can reach 130 cc, even disconnecting the air conditioning and being in neutral.

7. Use air conditioning sparingly.

An air conditioner turned off improves fuel economy by 12%. How to save gas with air conditioning? Use it only when it is essential and in the best possible way. For example, do not turn it on when starting, and if you feel that it is boiling inside the car, open the windows to cool the space while you are driving. As long as you go at low speed, because otherwise you will generate resistance in the march, and consumption will be much higher. Now that you know how to use less gasoline during your trips on roads and highways and save gas with air conditioning and tires put these tips into practice to better use your money and get the best possible performance from your vehicle.

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